View Full Version : How much time did it take U to finish LoK Definace

10th Feb 2004, 13:24
How much time did it tke U to FInish Defiance. It took me just a bit over 12 hours of effective gameplay. U can see how much time it took u through the save/load option.

10th Feb 2004, 13:44
9 hours first time around.

*takes a bow*

10th Feb 2004, 13:48
Nice. I must admit very nice.

10th Feb 2004, 14:43
It tooks my two days to finnish it!!:rolleyes:
without sleep or eat nothing!!!

its no onder i'm a big fan !!!

:p :p :p
a bitter taste of that terrible illusion: HOPE.

10th Feb 2004, 16:15
2 days.

But i really took my time looking at the suroundings.:cool:

10th Feb 2004, 17:04
8 hours but i had a big lunch break. then the second time i played it with the toon cheat on. which was quite fun. I'm gonna play again and just pick up everything I can and have another look at the forges. There were some quite interesting things lying around in them.

10th Feb 2004, 17:15
I took my time, found all of the bonus materials, enjoyed the scenery, etc. It took me between 20-30 hours, I can't remember exactly. I like getting as much as I can from the game without rushing through (although there is something to be said for not having to wait for the story when you complete it quickly:) ).

10th Feb 2004, 17:41
It took me 14 hours to finish. Yet, I feel like I have missed some things I should have looked for more closely. I also think that Vorador's Mansion was the level that took most of the time to get through... I shiver at the thought I'll have to go through all this again when I replay it in some time.

van_HellSing PL
10th Feb 2004, 17:53
Three days. I like sightseeing :D.

10th Feb 2004, 18:53
13 hours, and found most of the pickups. just not all the health thingies.

16 hours the first time i played though. am trying for a 3rd time :D

pc using n50 speedpad (ie, keyboard style) and mouse, and is the us import

10th Feb 2004, 21:26
2 days, but i got bored by Voradors mansion. I had all the moves u learn by the 4th act with Kain and 5th act with Raziel. The story didn't really get interesting until Avernus which was ahead and i didn't know that =)

Vampiric Fool
10th Feb 2004, 23:02
3 Work days. IE Only playing after getting home from work. :D

10th Feb 2004, 23:24
Oh yeah i forgot someting. I found all of Cain's ancient tomes, and 9 out of 10 of Raziel's ancient tomes. And i think i got all the health upgrades whit Cain and one less whit Raziel. And by the way im also one of those sight seeing guys.

10th Feb 2004, 23:36
took me about 9 hours. i think i played it for 3 hours straight for 3 days. so for those of you without a calculator handy thats 9 hours all together.

11th Feb 2004, 06:37
Took me about 14 and a half hours, but you have to subtract from that the time I spent staring at murals in the Reaver Forges. ;)

11th Feb 2004, 18:23
7 hours, skipped all FMV :D :D :D

11th Feb 2004, 18:39
I hope that wasn't your first time playing because the cutscenes were really, really worth watching. Eh, you can always view them on the Dark Chronicle, I guess, but I'm just so much of a story person that I'd never skip the movies myself:D

13th Feb 2004, 06:38

i've cut that in half since the first time around.. the game still OWNS. The camera's cool.. you gotta get use to it.