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10th Feb 2004, 10:21
i just got da game and it is frickin wkd but i just got da dark reaver but need to change it bck to the material reaver but everyting i have done does not work i thought it was just a case of selecting it in the menu but dat dont work any help would be great it is most prob well simple.


10th Feb 2004, 11:20
What platform are you running on?? On the North American PC version, the reaver switch keys are numpad 4 and numpad 8, although the manual says numpad 4 and numpad 6.

Later! :D

Vampiric Fool
10th Feb 2004, 12:10
Also, On the PS2 and Xbox versions, the Reaver change is using the D-pad.

10th Feb 2004, 14:34
Um, press the left or right D button on the controler.