View Full Version : Stuck in Derilect Apartment

10th Feb 2004, 01:45
I know I must have missed something somewhere, but I can't get across that huge hole in the floor in the Derilect Apartment (level 2). I'm using the PS2 version if that matters. I can jump and grab the pipes and shimmy almost to the other side, but for some reason it only lets me go so far.

I noticed there is a locked door on level 2 that may help me, but I don't see a key ANYWHERE in this level. I did pick up a key in Level 1, but I no longer have it in my items now that I'm in level 2.

I'm *loving* this game, but its no fun trying to jump a hole for hours on end ;-)

John Carter
10th Feb 2004, 04:32
Not quite sure where you are, but this should help;

Well, while you are indeed going to need a key later, of the three big holes in the floors, one can be jumped, one can be running jumped/edge grabbed, and one must be climbed and jumped. The last one requires Lara to move a crate to crawl up on, and to move the crate you needed to have gotten her an upper body strength upgrade on this level, by shouldering through a locked door.

19th Feb 2004, 01:49
when you first go up the stairs, after the cutscene, theres one hole you jump. then on the sencond hallway, back up and perform a running jump over that really big hole (which would be the 2nd hole you jump over) . There you go, no shimmying necessary! Hope that helps a bit.:)