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9th Feb 2004, 17:22
I have a question. I have finished defiance and was looking around pages to have some reading material when I stumbled on some cheat codes for the game. This seemed fun and I wanted to play the game with the cheats all over again, but, the cheats wont work for me. Can anyone tell me if this is because I have the Pal version?

Are the cheat codes unabled in the Pal version? Or am I simply doing something wrong?

thanks in advance.

Vampiric Fool
10th Feb 2004, 01:10
Which system are you using? PC, PS2, or X-Box?

10th Feb 2004, 07:00

10th Feb 2004, 08:31
I have tried the Tube en the Toon cheats yesterday.
On PS2 Pal version.
They worked, but i haven't tried the other ones yet.
( Great cheats by the way!!:D )

10th Feb 2004, 11:00
i have the pal copy on ps2 and all the cheat codes work fine. some don't seem to work at the exact moment you plug them in, but is you just resume the game you should find that they have worked. also, i found that you need to plug them in slowly and quite firmly. unless my game pad is old or something. but they definetly work, here is a link to the ones i used :

www.thelostworlds.net/Defiance-Codes.HTML (http://www.thelostworlds.net/Defiance-Codes.HTML)

thanks to our very own Ben Lincoln!

10th Feb 2004, 12:21
i have tried all codes and they work but only the --unlock all bonuss-- seem to not work but others works fine. by the way codes are grate!!

and i have beat the game it was beautifull i have beat the game in two days can you beleave it? and one thing

i have the PAL version and in the bonusmaterials there is no outtakes or the others i don't know why? please answer me PAL players!! there is just THE CAST only this??

This IS the END. The FINALe turn Of YOUr wheel. -KAIN-
Only I Could End This.-RAZIEL-

10th Feb 2004, 17:11
yeah, ali_turk, you're right. there is NO outtakes on the pal version.

boooo :(