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9th Feb 2004, 12:01
Just finished Defiance yesterday since it was only just released in Europe, and I have a few thoughts.

Oh yeah, big honking SPOILER warning.

1. Raziel overhearing Mortanius's message to Kain in Avernus was a nice little nod to Blood Omen's plot, but since in Defiance it happens before Vorador's death it's a little confusing. It could be a recording left by Mortanius for Kain to hear, but that's not made clear. When you've got a plot as convoluted as the LoK series, you don't need anything making it harder to follow.

2. Vorador's survival into the Blood Omen 2 timeline. I know it's been held back for a future game, but I was kinda hoping that we'd finally get a lot of the big questions answered in Defiance. Considering it took ages for the plot to get going (or it felt that way to me anyway) as neither Kain or Raziel get any answers for ages. Kain never really gets any answers - just gets mucked about by his manipultors. Raziel doesn't get any answers until he meets Vorador. Since so long is spent just running around, couldn't a few more plot details have been worked in somewhere? Maybe not, but if the plot keeps getting strung out further and further, this will become as bad as the X-Files of the Wheel of Time novels.

3. Ariel's appearance at the Spirit Forge. I've heard it said that this Ariel is the future Ariel. If so, that wasn't made clear. More confusion. If it's the Blood Omen 1 era Ariel, that's cool too. After all, history had been changed at the end of Soul Reaver 2 so it's cool for her to end her imprisonment here too.

4. Just what the hell is the Elder God up to? I spent half the game trying to work out if there was a connection between his schemes and the Hylden's, and when Mobius is talking to him about the Hylden being an inconvenience, I finally figured there wasn't. Most likely the God is trying to get everybody hooked to the wheel of fate again which means eradicating the Vampire bloodline so that the blood curse is gone. It's just a co-incidence that this means the Hylden might get let back into Nosgoth.

In general, I enjoyed the game. It did a good job of clarifying a few points of the plot but left an awful lot open too. I really like the story of these games but it's get stretched out awfully far. I had expected Defiance to wrap up the vast majority of the story we've following so far so that future games could start a new plot with some unresolved elements of the old. Following a plot this convoluted and stretched out is getting to be more trouble than it's worth. Please, wrap it up in the next game before it becomes a joke. Then maybe we can get something fresh and new.


10th Feb 2004, 18:01
I agree with you that they should wrap it up in the 6th game but i don't hope for new plots in the LOK serie when they end this story. I think the 6th game should be the last LOK. I mean i simply love these games/stories/characters but to much is never a good thing.
I hope they give it a worthy ending.

ps. I really hope they will also release the 6th game on pc. if this means no extra's i really don't care i just want the game. besides people with a pc often have internet so mayby they could put the extra's from the console versions on the official site.

van_HellSing PL
10th Feb 2004, 18:05
Yup, 6 games will do. And then, maybe a new series with similar gameplay but in a completely new setting?

10th Feb 2004, 18:41
i dont know what you mean by future ariel. afer she dies, it's always the same person.

but vorador's death and janos' very existence are confusing.

and kain and raz get plenty of answers-
-kain is the hero of all vampires
-raziel is destined to collect the full power of the reaver for it's true master
-raziel is the progenitor of the hylden (an underlying comment in chapter4)
-the elder is nothing but a parasite and the true enemy of kain. which means the hylden are not,

the connection between kain and raziel, and thus the hylden and raziel, shows that they're supposed to join to defeat the elder, however the vampires were too loyal to the elder in the past and thus the war began.
The blood thurst i believe was a gift, to seperate the vampires from the parasitic elder, but it was not taken kindly.

10th Feb 2004, 21:32
-raziel is the progenitor of the hylden (an underlying comment in chapter4)

Correction, they do not call Raziel "progenitor" only "traitor", here is the dialogue.

Revenants: “..Raziel… …Raziel… Fallen Hero… Renegade and traitor…"

Raziel: "…What is this? How do you know me?"

Revenants: " …Raziel, what are you? …Why should any know your name? …You are nothing…”