View Full Version : [SPOILERS] Forging the Wraith Blade with elemental fonts

Matthew Danvers
8th Feb 2004, 19:42
I wonder, how exactly does the forging of the Wraith Blade with elemental fonts work in LOK-D?

In LOK-SR and TLOKS-SR2, Raziel forged the Wraith Blade by casting the blade into the source of the elemental font energy and thus only using the blade itself, letting the weapon do the work of consuming the font.
For example, the Reaver Forges in TLOKS-SR2, where Raziel had to plunge the Wraith Blade deep into the Forge and allow the blade to consume the elemental font energy contained within.

In LOK-D, the manner of forging has changed. But perhaps the visual aspect is not the only thing that's different?
As one can see, Raziel casts his left arm into the source of the elemental font and lets the energy course through his own body, seemingly into the Wraith Blade, which then obtains the elemental font power, accordingly.
But perhaps the energy does not directly affect the Wraith Blade, at least from a certain aspect, that is.
Perhaps it is Raziel himself who obtains the elemental font energy and thus the Wraith Blade, in that same period of time, inherits the same power, knowing that the Wraith Blade is Raziel's own soul that has adapted to the material shell of the Blood Reaver blade, previously.
Perhaps this would also explain why this time around the enhancements of the elemental font powers are permanent to the Wraith Blade, for previously, Raziel had to re-imbue the blade after either entering the Spectral Realm or taking contact with water. Perhaps this time, as Raziel himself obtained the fonts, the bond was stronger and thus allowed Raziel to switch between the font powers at will, at any time, in the Material Realm.

Of course, this is just a possibility, merely a potential theory. It could quite easily be just that the energy is directly carried over into the Wraith Blade. :D

- Matt