View Full Version : [SPOILERS] Defiance Highlights

7th Feb 2004, 23:54
What was everyone's favourite moment or scene in Defiance? I myself was really disappointed with the game at first. The combat is great, but it was like the game was 10% combat, 10% exploration, and 80% ferrying those infernal artifacts from A to Z. I was even consdering bringing the game back. Then I got to Avernus...and everything changed. Turel's appearance drove me crazy, and when I found out that Kain had the Heart Of Darkness, I nearly fell off my seat. The double confrontation between Kain and Raziel was electrifying (Is this the only time we've heard Raziel laugh?), and by the time Raziel yanked out the heart, I was in hysterics. The ending was cool, but for me, the episode in Avernus marked the turning point, when Defiance changed from a bad game to a great game. When Kain died, I felt so empty inside.

8th Feb 2004, 00:33
I have to agree with the game kicking off mainly at Avernus, and Turel turning up there of all places was insane (in a good way, naturally).

And to add the obvious, having Mobieus run through twice in seconds by both characters AND having reality shoved in his face at the same time was a quality moment unmatched. :D

8th Feb 2004, 00:57
My favorite moment in Defiance is probably the damnation of the Pillars of Nosgoth. When they shatter and Raziel and Janos are hit by that huge wave of energy, I find myself in awe! It's so cool just to see that moment. I also love this scene because it's the moment when the Hylden Lord finally manages to possess Janos, which ties in very nicely to Blood Omen 2... ;)

Again, I have to agree that the story picked up just after Vorador's Mansion. Until that point I just didn't feel too compelled to get anywhere as it seemed to be a case of repetitive forging of the Reaver. I think the forges and emblems were too close together, though I apprecate that the team probably had to get them in there somehow...

After meeting Vorador, I felt the story really picked up pace, though it's a shame it was over too soon. I would've liked the story to be more drawn out throughout the game, rather than having a couple of key scenes early on, then a string of observations of various murals by both Kain and Raziel, and then more important key scenes during the latter half of the game. I appreciate that the team aimed to strike a balance between action and the story, though I think that Soul Reaver 2 handled the telling of the story in a better fashion. However, some people found Soul Reaver 2 to be too overwhelming with regards to the story, so it seems as though it's all down to personal taste...

On a positive note, the story that was provided in Defiance was fantastic. It certainly helped tie in all of the games in the series, including Blood Omen 2 which, in my opinion, sorta stuck out like a pork pie at a vegetarian picnic!

I had a couple of moments where the cam didn't want to get on with me but, other than those rare moments, I found the camera to be fine. I like it.

In conclusion, the game is a worthy addition to the LoK series! :D