View Full Version : [SPOILER] what are the fuz balls in derfiance

7th Feb 2004, 00:06
you know thoughs big fuzzy dudes in defiance at the vampire citadel with kain. what in the world are they? my friend has a theory that they are mutilated gerbils. oh yeah and does any one understand them? all i can get is vampire from them

7th Feb 2004, 00:19
I don't think that they have been officially explained yet. They look to me like humans wearing some sort of cloak made out of feathers. I think that they are descended from humans who lived near the citadel way back when. If you put on captioning, it shows what they say. However, it's definitely not English. I don't know Latin, so it could be that, but I'm not sure.

Umah Bloodomen
7th Feb 2004, 00:31
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