View Full Version : [SPOILER] Why have you messed up the camera so badly

6th Feb 2004, 23:11
On pc it is Almost impossible to play this as the camera skips about irratically

I loved what I saw of the game, but I cant play with this Silly camera and Will probably return the game

What was so bad about the Camera used in all the other games!

Is there any way to patch and remove the annoying camera?

I looked for different camera angles but found none!

7th Feb 2004, 00:22
I played the PC version with the keyboard + mouse and I got used to it pretty quickly. However, a lot of people who didn't like the PC camera tried it with a gamepad and said it was fine. Do you have a gamepad you could try it with? Also, keep in mind that in a lot of places where the camera seems weird, it's trying to show you something, like where you should be going. Try going where the camera directs you and it should be easier.

7th Feb 2004, 02:12
Yeah, gamepad is the way to go with this game. It's strange, 'cause all of the other games in the series played very well with keyboard and mouse. Oh well... :cool:

BTW, I knew the camera threads would start back up after the Euro release. It was inevitable. ;)

Later! :D

Umah Bloodomen
7th Feb 2004, 03:14
And they will be treated the same as the NTSC version camera-related threads were if they don't remain constructive. Let's try not to ruin these so quickly this time around, shall we?

Thanks. :)

7th Feb 2004, 04:10
If anyone's having trouble with the camera on a console, I'd suggest playing a few more games with a similar camera to get used to it. Some games you might try are Prince of Persia and Lord of the Rings: Two Towers and Return of the King (all wonderful games, IMO). Any game with a camera that doesn't constantly stare at your character's butt is going to get caught up on things once in a while. It takes a little getting used to. I had almost no difficulty adapting to the camera since the last couple games I'd played were RotK and PoP. The only places the camera was really a problem were in a few jumping puzzles. Try lining yourself up with the 1st person camera before jumping. I only had one really serious problem with the camera, and that was because of a bug that allowed Raz to fly through a door and get caught on the other side without triggering the camera to switch positions. If you're having EXTREME difficulty completing a jumping puzzle, you're probably missing something.

By the way, here's a couple of hints that could save some people a lot of time. Out of respect for those who want to figure it all out themselves, I'll put them in spoiler boxes.

Raz's first level: When the sea of souls starts rising, you basically run and jump in a circle, but there is a wall you must climb to complete the level. I don't remember exactly where, because my rental only lasted a week:(.

Kain by the waterfall with the bonus item: The pond is half frozen. You only have to jump over water twice to get your item and leave. The first jump is the tricky one. To make it, stand a little bit away from the edge and jump towards it. If you still can't make it, try adjusting the length or angle of your jump.

Vorador's Mansion courtyard (pillars): These jumps are hard. Jump to the first platform you see, switch to the Spectral Realm, and then jump to the next two and to the ledge. If you fall, switch back to Material, and use the climbable wall near where you entered to get back on your starting ledge. It's a lot quicker than going through the whole mansion to get back up there;).

7th Feb 2004, 04:23
Also, with block puzzles, it's a lot easier to shove the blocks by going up to them and tapping action. Sometimes, when trying to push them, the camera goes berserk and the directional keys don't respond like they should (at least in my experience). But there aren't that many block puzzles, anyway, so it's not too big of a deal. Maybe in the next game it will be fixed.