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6th Feb 2004, 20:00
As my signature link suggests, i like/play Capcom fighting games and one of the reasons i've stuck with them so long is because they have awesome artists that come out with some really dope stuff sometimes. So of course the most famous one is Akiman.

He's got a website and he posts random illustrations that he does. He made one of Raziel that's featured on the front page right now. It's too good. You all have to see.


Oh and for like, the two of you that care, i'm having some trouble getting a PS2 and a capture card in the same room right now, but sometime around Monday it should all be set. Then i can start working on that short LoKD tactics vid i mentioned a while back. So um, if you care, i'll post about it in this forum in about a week or so when it's completed.

6th Feb 2004, 21:02
yes, yes that was a site to behold, wish i had more time to study the direction he was taking w/ the colors. what medium did he use?

Lady Kreliana
7th Feb 2004, 18:18
Whoa, that picture's awesome!

7th Feb 2004, 21:47
Its either double layerted paint (Heavy Bottom layer, EXTREMLY light top layer), or Pastel. Ive had experiance with pastel and thats what im guesing what it is. Check out my LOK Pastel on my site bobman23x.tripod.com check the sidebar for the stuff. Its obviously not as good as Akiman's but im only a sophmore in HS, not a professional artist. But man, thaty pic of his is Sweet

9th Feb 2004, 23:25
Actually, i heard he does everything digitally now, using one of those pen tablet things that you see in random stores nowadays. It wouldn't be too surprising. I mean, he is a game designer after all.

9th Feb 2004, 23:31
Those "pen tablet things" are a gift from the gods! I'm serious! I'm a digital artist (not that I'm any good, though) and I got one of them a few weeks ago...wow. Just wow. ^_^

10th Feb 2004, 00:46
that is cool. how did ya do it?

10th Feb 2004, 00:53
Originally posted by kain-the-great
that is cool. how did ya do it?

Do what?

10th Feb 2004, 22:57
That is a seriously cool picture of Raziel. If one of you can read japanese please email him and ask him to do one of Kain. Btw Bobman the link to your picture doesn't work.. Just thought you might want to know.

10th Feb 2004, 23:47
Originally posted by CelticAngel
Do what?
oh i ment the guy who drew it. it's so cool. i tried drawing raz but it turned out to look like my math teacher

11th Feb 2004, 00:12
WOW! Cool! Looking at it and knowing a little about his technique, it could very well have been done on Painter or Photoshop.
Now if Bengus (The SFA3 artist) would draw RAZ too that would be awesome!

I met the Manga artist who invented Trigun (Nightow) and he loves Raziel too! (Even bought the toy) Its great to see that Japanese artists know and respect SR/LOK: D


12th Feb 2004, 20:26
Yeah, i hate being so far away from where my favorite games are created. Capcom has lots of character artwork that's probably widepspread in Japan but is super top secret here in America. Gotta track down all sorts of random shady websites to find a full set from any game. There are some well-known popular fighting game artwork websites that help once in a while, but they never have the rare stuff.

Like i bet if i hadn't found this Raziel pic, it would have disappeared forever once he put up some new ones to replace it.