View Full Version : Chocobo Crashes

6th Feb 2004, 17:16
Hey ya'll, i just got a few q's about the patch. When i downloaded it and tried to patch the game, it attacks me with a "File Not Found" error. What do i need to do to get that to stop?:confused: :confused: :confused:

I really want to continue past the Corel Prison, so help a brotha' out, would ya?

Tshawn:cool: :cool:

6th Feb 2004, 19:44
...never heard of that problem before.....

Head over to Qhimm's Forum.....that's where the Chocobo patch came from.


9th Feb 2004, 16:43
I wonder....are you putting the patch in the same directory as the FF7.exe? Maybe that's why it can't find it.....

or, Maybe you should use a fresh FF7.exe, if you loaded anyother patches for the game in the past.....