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5th Feb 2004, 20:44
this is posted only for die-hard fans, and the creators of all things Nosgoth:

#1 how about this, a longer game: sound hard, both yes and no.
this can be accomplished w/ both proper planning of the game ,and not telling the public until teh game has reached a satisfactory level, NOT, and i mean NOT at a compromised level.
becuase when anyone thinks about it real hard, if everyone involed had as much time and resources as needed, Defiance would actually have been better than Blood Omen.

#2: will somebody please write a noval comprising both the current history of LOK and what could be. honestly, i would buy it, at least for collectors anyway.

#3 the cheats for Defiance. what happened !?! just befor the cheats were annouced, i was extatic. i couldn't wait. but now i kow it really wasn't worth. to be fair, yes everyone involed w/ defiance did a good job, --near ruined my pants when i saw Razael. and KAIN!!, OMG!! he kicked

# 4 and final. my point is this. we have the right team for the next LOK game. this is proven by the quality of SR2 and Defiance. all we are asking is a longer game. that would truly be iceing on the cake. i look forward to the next installment. if there is none,, i guess i'll have author the novel idea

Umah Bloodomen
5th Feb 2004, 22:37
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5th Feb 2004, 22:40
All I want is a free roaming game like in SR1 and BO1.

6th Feb 2004, 17:01
yes UMA, that is understood, and w/ be remembered.

i wondering why there was not a stronger reply to the post, it was my understanding that was how most others here felt.

perhaps i'll return to just reading these forums instead of interacting. junior member or not i've read these forums since SR2. to add to the collective conversation, it may not be a good idea to have a 'human' lead or main character in the next game. but then agin that would wholly depend on teh direct that the story takes. the change in the series to have more than one playable character was a good change.

what characters would be worth playing? perhaps vorador befor he became a vampire? there's a story right there.