View Full Version : So, what are some of the things you really like about FFXIV?

18th Aug 2013, 15:37
Let's talk about something positive! What are some of the things you really like about FFXIV, either from playing the beta or reading about the info on sites, etc?

Personally, I'm enjoying the Hunting Log, I think that's kind of fun. I really like the graphics, I think it's a really pretty game. I only got to level 9 before the error 3102, so I don't know about multi classes and such, but from what I read it seems like it'll be a neat way of playing. I'm looking forward to my first dungeon, as instances and such are my favorite part of MMO's. I also really like the Aethernet crystals, which make moving around the town a lot faster.

I'm sure there will be so much more that I enjoy, but these are the things that have caught my attention so far. :)

18th Aug 2013, 15:54
That combat system, while still sticking to the general point and click, does feel more alive an fluent, and down the road, actually requires you to be more interactive with your moves, and the moves of the enemies, past a few simple button presses and mouse strokes.

The key thing that I favor about this game so far, is the story. Yes, I realize this story type has shown its face more than once in FF's gaming series, but... it is also the first time I've actually been interested in the story of an MMO. Guild Wars 2 made a good attempt at capturing the player into the context of the story, but it was not that strong, and almost every path given wound up the same (despite them making it all seem like something "different"). FF's story is both driven by its visual and musical presentation, and I hope to see even more of it down the road when I'm able to purchase the full game.

18th Aug 2013, 15:59
I do like the story as well, and I like the various NPCs that say interesting things when you talk to them. I found a NPC sitting by a tree, and if you talk to him he says "Ommmmm Ommmmmm Ommmmmm AHEM don't you see I'm trying to meditate?" Little things like that really help add to the story, I think. It makes it feel like a real world.

18th Aug 2013, 16:02
Heh. The combat flow of a low level conjuror is impressive. Stone, Aero, Stone, Stone, Stone, Stone, Stone, Stone...
My melee characters, though, I know what you're saying Yuri :P

18th Aug 2013, 16:04
The combat system's point and click is not as intuitive as other MMO's I've played. I find myself having to do it twice or simply use the target cycling feature. Which is something of a hindrance while tanking.

We could do with more voiced dialogue I feel. After hearing that it was voiced I have to say i expected more than a few of the main quests.

I like how easy it is to flick between quests without feeling bogged down by the sheer number of them or their complexity. The issuing of gear as rewards makes it so you never have to buy a piece (thus far) which is great. I got to level 20 on one class and I'm rolling in mula I can spend later on or on other classes.

The story does justice to the FF name, makes me feel very at home. For me the layout and the style are everything, it's all FF and it's all awesome.
Oh and the victory fanfare was a master stroke ;)

18th Aug 2013, 16:06
Oh and the victory fanfare was a master stroke ;)

I KNOW!!! When I heard that it made me very happy :P