View Full Version : [SPOILER] Janos

3rd Feb 2004, 21:17
Anyone else ever try this out?
When you're in Vorador's mansion and you see the body of Janos, shift into spectral realm. Now, we all remember how when Melchia was killed we could speak to him, but some how Janos's body goes totally off the map when you do this.

What kind of cheap trick is this? IMHO I think this is the moment where two outcomes could have happend. I, you could stay in the material realm and go on with the game as usual or, II, if you shifted Janos would have given you all the answers you needed, told you the lock for the spirit forge was around his neck and Raziel had to go through HUGE trials of demons and revants to get to the citidel. Kain would never have ripped his heart out, and the game would have had two trails to the same out come. Replay value to the extreme. *sniff, sniff* I feel cheated.

I guess Kain is the only one who truely has free will, because we got to choose the fate of Nosgoth with him.