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MoonLight Spectre
3rd Feb 2004, 20:26
I have been searching for Spirit Forge images from LoK:D for a while, but the result is rather pitiful. If someone made screenshots of it, would you be co nice to share?:rolleyes:
Thanx in advance

3rd Feb 2004, 21:03
The Time Streamer website put up some pictures of Defiance recently. There are many pictures, and errors sometimes occur while downloading, you may have to refresh the webpages sometimes. The pictures are not in the order of the events in the game, so you might have to look at several webpages for the pictures you are looking for.

Here is the link.


4th Feb 2004, 00:21
did you guys see that pic on the frist page shwing some acints
and the very right this guy has a staff just like mobies its in the last row clouse to the bottom

4th Feb 2004, 03:15
Yes, those that haven't played Defiance should beware of spoilers presented by these pictures. See at your own risk.

7th Feb 2004, 06:33
I offered my archive of Pics to the timestreamer sight, so the crappy order of the pics can blamed on me. If you don't feel like searching through them, let me know what you're specifically looking for and I can dig it up and host a specific pics.

Here's another sight, but PLEASE make sure to download instead of just viewing over and over, the person hosting these here for me has limited bandwidth as well.


7th Feb 2004, 07:10
Even with the wrong order of the pictures, its still quite an excellent job and a surprise too.

DJ Pick you've provided us fans with the best pictures of the Defiance on the web, I extend my gratitude.

7th Feb 2004, 07:18
IT's ONE reason why I was so upset no PC release was slated.

As soon as I got it, from the first second I was taking pics. It took me about a month to get them taken, edited (brightness and contrast for better visibility, check out Kain's rebirth for examples of this) and then another week or two to get them small enough so dial up people could download them too (I have the whole archive up somewhere).

It was originally about 160 megs, and I got it down to about 60. If it caught my eye, I took a picture of it :) Doubled up on a few just for different angles.

I was tempted not to mention that I took them though, because I didn't do it for recognition (well, maybe a little) I did it because I knew pics needed to be out there. And since I was just starting the game.... :)

I'm just glad people are using them or needing them :)