View Full Version : [SPOILER] Image Requests. Please!! (Raziel's Tomes)

28th Jan 2004, 23:30
Can someone get me a printscreen shot of Vampire Lt. Turel from Defiance's Bonus Material? It's Raziel's Arcane Tomes #10. I need it badly. Also I need A possesed Mortainious Pic.

If anyone can get these to me, please do. i dont have the PC version of defiance. I have the ps2 version.

also if you can can you get a (high quality) shot of:

Mortainius BO1
Mutated Rahab
Mutated Melchiah
Mutated Zephon
Turelim Vamp

expecaily the Mutated need to be in High quality. The BO1 mortainius can be gotten from the Opening movies and look good, but there really arent (if any) good face shots of the mutated bretheren (except dumah and well... defiance turel i guess.)

van_HellSing PL
28th Jan 2004, 23:52
Here are the Turel tome pics:


And I thought you could use this too:


I'll try to do some of the other pics tomorrow.

29th Jan 2004, 01:13
thanks van. yeah i already had the boyd turel (The original Morlock file) but it looked TOO good compared to the others. i needed the one in def.