View Full Version : I've finally figured out how to play the TR Card Game, now I need more!

28th Jan 2004, 22:51
Ebay is useless. I want more cards. (Aside Starter decks.)

Any sites where I can get specific cards? My brother likes Pierre, I think Larsen is hilariouse, and my girl freind likes playing as Lara, and doesen't think it's right for us to play as Lara if she's already Lara. (Adventurer, Duelist, etc.)

Anywhere for me to get 'em?

29th Jan 2004, 02:13
Try here (http://www.cardhaus.com/cgi-local/shop3.pl/SID=9087794754860260847)

3rd Feb 2004, 23:27
Srry pal. I've been there before. I'm looking for specific cards. (I get boosters and quest decks from ACME Super Store.)

sk8er punk
4th Feb 2004, 21:55
If you try ebay every few weeks, you're bound to find something. It's also good for buying full booster boxes. Send a PM to Katie_Tomb_Raider and ask her if she wants to trade, she's got loads of cards.

5th Feb 2004, 01:53
Sure do, lol Which cards are you looking for?

5th Feb 2004, 17:20
I need treasures and charectors.

(Unfortunantly I don't have alot so far. Just my Into the Tombs quest deck, and about 4 booster packs. I borrow the other charectors from E-bay.) (Cut out the pic of the card. Cheap ain't it?)

5th Feb 2004, 19:18
Can you list the card numbers specifically with their names?

6th Feb 2004, 03:00
All of them?

6th Feb 2004, 15:33
Well I guess it depends how many you need, lol. Would you prefer if I posted the cards I need to see if you even have them? I think that would save some time.

If you don't have any cards that I need, would you be interested in purchasing the ones I have that you need? We can discuss this via e-mail if you wish, katie@tombraiders.net

Thanks :)

Croft Storm
6th Feb 2004, 17:32
Ebay's quite good for finding cards if you search the whole world and not just the country your in.

For individual cards you should try http://trade.mahasamatman.com/TR/. It's a swap site, but great for finishing off collections, and some people accept cash in return for cards. If you make a list there I'll take a look and maybe I can do some swaps with you (I have just about all of the Premier cards in swap).

6th Feb 2004, 22:46
I'm a little like Lara, I search the world for treasures. But if you've not check it out yourself, There's no Player cards availible at this time, nor is there stes of Atlantis. (Or the scion, Which would be an interesting treasure.)

Well, The rarest Card I have is the Atlantean DNA. And the promo Lil Ol Me?

I'll bring my binder to the computer later.

9th Feb 2004, 22:53
I have all the promo cards, lenticular and the secret company card already. I mostly need the shiny ones and some rare cards. Let me know if/when you want to compare lists. :)