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Margaret Gibson
28th Jan 2004, 11:43
I just cannot do the timed run to get the gemstone off the pedestal. Is there anyway I can skip this bit? I don't want to skip the whole level but I would like to give this up! Its driving me nuts! I have tried all the suggestions in the walkthrough to no avail. (Colluseum level) I'm PS2 by the way. Please help?:confused:

28th Jan 2004, 13:41
You can't skip this part without skipping the whole level. Then you would miss the scene with Pierre in the next room. The door to exit this room won't open unless Lara has the stone.

I spent a lot of time and frustration on this part, too. Don't give up! All your jumps and grabs must be perfectly timed. With practice, you can make it!

Sorry that I can't be of more help to you.

You mentioned a walkthrough......did you check Stella's? (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR5walk/colosseum.html)

Margaret Gibson
28th Jan 2004, 14:57
Thanks Boo! I seem to get almost there then just as I am about to pull up - it goes down - don't think I can do it any faster but I'll keep trying. thanks again

28th Jan 2004, 23:05
Hello Margaret. Try this; Postion Lara with her back to the central platform and pull the chain three times. Hop back off the ledge and quickly press "roll" run forward veering slightly to the right and jump across the ledge beneath the walkway. Run forward and jump across to the next high ledge, keep running and jump across to grab the high walkway above. Quickly turn left and follow the walkway round, then take a running jump to the central platform.

Good luck.:)