View Full Version : Something positive about the 22-jan-2004 Thief3 screenshots

27th Jan 2004, 17:05
T3 Screenshot (http://www.bluesnews.com/screenshots/games/thief3/20040122/castle09_p.shtml)

Man, I've just been having a close look at the light coming in through the window.

The dust in the room shimmering in mid air, creating streaks of light.

All I can say is ... wow!

28th Jan 2004, 02:11
Well "Z", it's going to take more than fancy graphics to please this Thief player. How about that "10" showing in the left hand corner? Isn't that similar to the "generic" ammo in DE:IW? It isn't showing "10 water arrows; 10 broadheads; or exactly what 10 of you have :( No...the graphics won't take the place of a familiar HUD with specific items, etc. I'm afraid they're doing the same thing with T3 as they have done with DE:IW...and I'll be very surprised if I'm wrong...but if I am, I'll be more than happy to make apologies to all concerned!!! Ta and Good Hunting!

28th Jan 2004, 02:11
That is cool, I agree. Now if only that other thief with his back to me wasn't blocking my view. :D

Mr. Perfect
28th Jan 2004, 03:45
The label "10" is sitting on top of flash bomb graphic. :)

28th Jan 2004, 03:53
yeah, they do look like either flash bombs or scout orbs.

plus the compass is a 50/50 thing for me. i like the idea that it appears to be a static thing now, so ya won't need to tap a button or browse the inventory. but on the other hand, i liked not having a compass visible all the time with the first two games. it allowed to feel more free when exploring the level, and not worry about where the objectives are located.

28th Jan 2004, 16:47
Looks awesome. Thanks, Zach!

4th Feb 2004, 22:32
Sorry guys...but I just took another look and I don't see any graphic under/near that "10"? But on the other hand...I don't like that other "thief" standing in front of my view either! ;) Oh well...time will tell I suppose...but then when I watched that demo DVD trailer...I couldn't see much then either...very dark! Ta and Good Hunting!

5th Feb 2004, 04:43
Originally posted by Huntress
[B]Sorry guys...but I just took another look and I don't see any graphic under/near that "10"?

It's definitely there. Sounds like you need to adjust your monitor :p

5th Feb 2004, 05:41
Gamma adjustment for great justice!