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26th Jan 2004, 08:37

26th Jan 2004, 19:08
So are you going to wear your best thief clothes? Ought to be fun. Be sure you post pictures.

27th Jan 2004, 06:50
Great, theBlackman.:D Glad to hear it. Too bad I have moved away from So. Cal. I would like not only to see pictures but to hear some music samples. :)

9th Feb 2004, 20:39
Hey theBlackman!
I just wanted to state that I'm also kind of into music :P
what I mean is, that I love making music [only instrumental so far] though from the posts I get the impression that you sing - am I correct? [I haven't tried out singing myself.. yet]
I'm new to these boards so I'm not as informed as the other members seem to be! :) Tell me if I understand everything correctly [that you sing] and upload some mp3s!!

9th Feb 2004, 21:21
Ziili, I do, and can't. No web site to stick Files into. But I'm working on it. :D

Old Man
20th Feb 2004, 19:26
Today's the big day. Or night really. Good luck!

20th Feb 2004, 19:32
:D Thanks, you got my PM I presume. I may just have a truckload of vegetables for sale after the bash.

<marquee> Stay tuned. Services will be held for the deceased immediately following the performance. Personal affects may appear at auction to pay for expenses of interment.:D</marquee>


20th Feb 2004, 21:25
...personal effect for sale? Me thinks not. There will be a bucnh of taffers lurking about to steal everything that is not nailed down.

Well you have a great time tonight and I wish we could all be there to heckle....errrr....cheer you on.

13th Mar 2004, 01:11
OK. Here's the dirty details. The opening for John Lee Hooker Jr. was liked by the crowd, the owner and the booking agent. I hated it.

They asked me back, and I play this Sunday.

Saturday last week I opened a performing arts festival with an hour set at Santora Plaza in Santa Ana.

A video producer saw the show and wants to do a music video of one of my songs.

I was booked to do a 2 1/2 hour set at the Liquid Den at the Lab on Bristol St. Costa Mesa, for the 17th of April.

A recording producer wants to do some recordings of my stuff.

Must be the magic guitar my wife bought me in December.

So that's the news at the moment.

Old Man
13th Mar 2004, 01:45
I was disappointed that you didn't report in right away, tBm. And with all this interest in your art I'm having trouble understanding why. Okay, so, you didn't like. That can be fixed. Sounds like everyone else liked. Good luck. Thanks for the update.

13th Mar 2004, 02:46
Old Man, a well deserved censure, but in defense, I was hoping to get a sample or two posted with a photo or two.

Still can't get that part together. :o :mad:

Old Man
13th Mar 2004, 08:12
Maybe wait until they record some of your stuff. The professional recordings can show you off best. And I, for one, am really looking forward to that. So, now you made the offer, you're on the hook and I'll be holding you to it.

13th Mar 2004, 08:39
Congratulations theBlackman, sounds like you've got some fulfilling times ahead of you.

13th Mar 2004, 22:22
A true artist...never satisfied with ones' performance...et al :) I'm so thrilled for ya tBm...what a wonderful thing to have happen to you! Just think, soon everyone will be hounding you for your autograph ;) I want a signed copy of your CD, LOL, who knows maybe it will become a collectors item? :D Now get to figuring out how to put your stuff together so you can upload it!!!! Ta and Good Hunting!

19th Mar 2004, 22:32
So how'd the gig go last Sunday? Was Adrian there as well? Did she do any recording if so? Fill in the details huh....? Ta and Good Hunting!