8th Jul 2002, 02:10
As of now, the LoK action figures are now being packaged in a new encased format. The case is much smaller, but there's no stand for the characters to put them on. But, the good thing is that they're low priced at $8.00.

The coolest feature, I believe to be, is the picture of the actual model for the Lieutenant Raziel action figure, complete with a wicked looking scythe, a shield with Raziel's clan symbol engraved on it, and a sword.

I gotta tell you, the thing looks awesome. It's incredibly detailed, and has all the cool stuff I could have hoped for. It better come out soon.

8th Jul 2002, 02:44
Where can we find a picture of this exactly

or to make it easier post a picture

or give us the place you found this info:D :cool:

8th Jul 2002, 03:02
In the beginning of June, my family went on a trip to New Jersey. We went to the Freehold Mall, and it was there that I saw the newly packaged Soul Reaver action figures, in a store called Planet X. The picture was on the back of the package, but I haven't seen it anywhere since. Perhaps Blue Box Toys will give us a glimpse at it at the next ComicCon Convention in August.

8th Jul 2002, 03:14
does anybody have a link to some of the LOK action figures.

Umah Bloodomen
8th Jul 2002, 03:19
You may want to try either EBay or http://www.blueboxtoys.com

8th Jul 2002, 03:59
Thanks Umah
Umah do you have any of the action figures

Umah Bloodomen
8th Jul 2002, 04:03
I've got Kain and Soul Reaver Raziel. I heard the Dumah figure is pretty wicked.

As for my Kain and Raz figures, I have compared the detail and design to that of McFarlane's work (although not THAT detailed..LOL).

I don't think the figures could look any better than what they do.

FYI - I have 2 sets of each figure. One set to play with and the other set is hanging on my wall.

I am such a nerd...LOL

8th Jul 2002, 04:14
:D :D
hey well while ya at it Umah
buy a set for me ;) ;) :p

i wouldn't mind a set :rolleyes:

The Priestess
8th Jul 2002, 07:29
Although I do not play with these things you refer to as toys, I have managed to secure my own figure of Dumah which comes in quite handy for the usual spellcasting ritual...

Sue in UK
8th Jul 2002, 08:55
I've seen the pic of the new Lt Raziel figure too - I've still kept the backing of the box my figure came in - I noticed on the nosgoth forum somebody has a pic of it as part of their signature - I'd love to see a larger version of it though too ...

It looks really cool :)

8th Jul 2002, 14:27
I have all three, but I really want the Lieutenant.

Kain's Ancient Blade
8th Jul 2002, 16:33
i got them all. opened and closed just like umah.
but i really hope some company makes statues of the LOK series they would go very nice with my statue and bust collection.

LOK series. My anti-drug.

8th Jul 2002, 16:38
Thats a shame if there is no stand. I like the stand that my Raziel action figure has - it is really nice. The box that it came in is good too. I always keep the boxes, sometimes they are real works of art, sometimes not, but always worth keeping.

I can't wait to get my hands on the Lt Raziel figure - it is awesome. The Spectral Raziel looks pretty cool also.

18th Jul 2002, 12:36
I found a shop in Rotterdam that had a Kain action figure (with the base). Needless to say I bought it. ;)

They also had the Evolved Dumah figure, but I didn't buy that one, I didn't like it that much. (sorry :) )

18th Jul 2002, 12:40
I didn't buy the toys because I thought they were the coolest things around.... I purchased them because I had to have them... it's simple... I couldn't live with myself if I didn't have them.... yes yes I know... I'm such a nerd... now leave me alone.... with my toys....

18th Jul 2002, 15:24
I have them all as well. Now I just need to get a bigger place so I can take them out of their boxes.

Umah Bloodomen
18th Jul 2002, 18:57
I have 2 sets of Kain and SR Raziel...one on the wall and one to **looks around*** play with. I am such a nerd. LOL

19th Jul 2002, 01:32
http://nosgothblood.no.sapo.pt/pics/things/cry_smile.gif I don't have any of them http://nosgothblood.no.sapo.pt/pics/things/cry_smile.gif

I want Dumah (my SR1 favorite boss)

-drain wraith-
19th Jul 2002, 02:25
I don't have any LoK toys either but if I could get one, it'd be Kain. :)

19th Jul 2002, 03:46
Heheh. I got mine while I was in Las Vegas. I was originally looking for Final Fantasy action figures. I looked up at the top of a display case and there I saw Kain and Raziel, just sitting there collecting dust. And they called out to me, crying Buy us.... And I did. They now have their own special place in my shelf. :D

I'm gonna wait till the Lieutenant Dumah one comes out. I want the Lieutenant Dumah one. ^^

5th Aug 2002, 16:13
I saw on Ebay that they have a Raziel action figure. Why dont they have a Kain action figure. Raziels nothign compared to Kain. Anyone know if he is getting an action figure too?

5th Aug 2002, 18:25
Actually, they do have a Kain action figure. Have a look at THIS! (http://www.orionsrift.com/prodimg/34275a.jpg)
You can get them just about anywhere the Raz figure is sold (although quite a few places will only have the action figure without the stand/accessories). Try:


Unless your talking about a Blood Omen style pre-evolved Kain, which they haven't produced. That would be pretty cool, though.

5th Aug 2002, 20:23
I was kind of hoping to get the new Kain but oh well. Does anyone know any Canadian stores or links that I can check out because Ill end up paying 40 dollars for a 15 dollar toy.

5th Aug 2002, 20:59
Since they haven't even finished the SR1 line yet, I think it's unlikely we'll see any from SR2 or either Blood Omen game =(.

Umah Bloodomen
5th Aug 2002, 23:14
Was there really a need for this thread to appear in 3 different forums? (OT included). Everywhere I go I see this same thing. :rolleyes: :p

5th Aug 2002, 23:29
:( I want a LoK action figure :(
But im not going to pay almost $50 for one... =,(

And btw...awsome Lt.Raz figure...

6th Aug 2002, 05:29
Originally posted by redvandam
Does anyone know any Canadian stores or links that I can check out because Ill end up paying 40 dollars for a 15 dollar toy.

www.phetisch.com is located in Canada.:)

11th Aug 2002, 02:11
We now have the Kain figure in stock. It is very nice! A large figure with a nice base. We are located in alberta and ship anywhere. Just drop me a line if you need anything. I can have the Raziel figure in quite fast as well. So let me know if any of you guys need them. Check out my Website!!!



11th Aug 2002, 02:26
By the way (and since you're here), thanks again for the Kain figure, Phetisch. :D :cool:

11th Aug 2002, 04:53
Hahaha..we are glad to be of service.. You live in England right?

11th Aug 2002, 04:57
Nah, I'm in Ohio...ugh...


11th Aug 2002, 05:04
Hahaha..just a little mixed up...Shipping all around the world takes it's toll on you :D ...

Thanks allot for the recomendations..Let me know when you need anything else.


16th Aug 2002, 15:36
Your located in Canada ut it still looks like your prices are in U.S. dollars and Id still have to pay the extra shipping fees.

16th Aug 2002, 15:52
I sell in American because right now the only Shopping cart I can use is from PayPal. They are $39 Canadian and if you give me your address I can find out the exact shipping price.

17th Aug 2002, 10:00
I have the Raziel and Kaine action figures, and I now have the Dumah one as well.

Here is an odd happening - I have them all in a glass display cabinet, but before I got Dumah, only Kaine and Raziel were in there. I had Raziel first, and then when I got Kaine, I put him in there with Raziel and posed them so that they looked as if they were fighting one another.

Was it Kaine?
The display cabinet has a door that was closed, so no breeze or cats could have knocked him over....

Lady Kreliana
18th Aug 2002, 23:33
Originally posted by Rook
Nah, I'm in Ohio...ugh...


Ohio sucks, doesn't it? (Lived there for 19 years.)

18th Aug 2002, 23:46
Originally posted by Lady Kreliana
Ohio sucks, doesn't it? (Lived there for 19 years.)

Yes, Ohio truly does suck. And Dayton, Ohio sucks the worst!! Ack!!


Lady Kreliana
19th Aug 2002, 00:26
Can't be worse than Canton.

19th Aug 2002, 04:48
Wow, I haven't been to Canton in ages! Is it really that bad?

For it's part, Dayton is a black, festering pit of nothingness--and that's putting it nicely. It's a freakin ghost town.

Lady Kreliana
19th Aug 2002, 15:21
Canton and Dayton probably suck equally. Unless you want to go to a movie, go to the mall, or go out to dinner, there's precisely jack to do here.

Umah Bloodomen
19th Aug 2002, 20:05

Secrets Of Nosgoth
26th Aug 2002, 05:47
As cool as those are, and as much as I want one. I must remind myself, that I have no use for it.

I got suckered into buying two Ash toys from AoD and all they do is collect dust, one opened one still in the cover. I want my $20+ back.

26th Aug 2002, 05:57
I went and bought 3 of each of them, which even I will admit is a little overboard. I don't really regret it yet, and I won't, unless they screw up the next game. LOL j/k;) :D

The Winged Vampire
11th Sep 2002, 17:08
Just as the heading states. I just wondered where I'm supposed to drop suggestions and stuff. I'm new here so if I sound like a complete idiot, that's why. ;)

11th Sep 2002, 21:02
well just post em in a thread and hopefully some people will respond.

Lady Kreliana
12th Sep 2002, 04:14
Trust me, you don't sound like an idiot. ;) We were all new once.

The Winged Vampire
12th Sep 2002, 05:25
Thankies. Anyway, I wanted to make a sugestion regarding the licensing of action figures - namely Vorador and Janos Audron. I asked around at the Nosgothic Realm and asked their thoughts on it and the responses were positive. So now I ask, would you please grant the license to BlueBox Toys to stamp out Vorador and Janos Audron into the Soul Reaver lineup?

12th Sep 2002, 05:53
That would be pretty cool, Janos and Vorador action figures!:D I would imagine, if the SR figures continue to sell fairly well, that there would eventually be action figures for both of them. I can just imagine adding those guys to my collection! I'd have to buy like three of each!

Of course, I'm so overboard, I'd like to have action figures for every single character in every conceivable form (evolved, pre-evolved, human). Then we can move on to more ambitious things like entire Hylden, Blue Vamp, and Sarafan armies. I'll only stop buying them when they start referring to them as "playsets". ;) :D

I'm only half joking about the "armies," because I know something like that would never be produced. But I would honestly buy them in hoards if they were!


12th Sep 2002, 06:48
I'd prefer to see Blue Box finish off the Lieutenent Raziel figure before they move on to anything else =). But yeah, more would be fun too.

The Winged Vampire
12th Sep 2002, 22:58
I can't wait to get my hands on that.

Lady Kreliana
13th Sep 2002, 02:57
One never knows, if BB toys sees a market for more LoK action figures, they'll definitely make them.

The Winged Vampire
13th Sep 2002, 03:39
So should I be bringing it before them or what would be the best thing to do? I don't really want to sit back and do nothing about it.

15th Sep 2002, 14:43
that would be kewl...u ppl are soo lucky...i cant buy action figures here!!!

it sux...

15th Sep 2002, 17:31
:mad: Blue box toy's look horrible!

If I were going to ask Eido's to give someone the licence to make LOK figure's it would be Todd Mcfarlane.

Hey Umah, how would you like to see a perfectly sculpted figure of you're namesake?

Have you guy's seen Mcfarlane's toy's go to http://www.spawn.com

Look what the figure's for Onimushu2 look like!
I don't like the game but those figure's look great.

Can everyone imagine what a leutenant Raziel figure would look like from them?

The Winged Vampire
15th Sep 2002, 19:28
Yeah, and just imagine what the price tags would look like. :rolleyes: I don't even want to think about that one.

Am I even going about this whole thing right? Am I even going to the right people about it? :confused: What should I do?

15th Sep 2002, 19:44
Hey there probably is'nt much you can do their problably in some contract with Blue box toy's .

What did you mean by imagine the price tag's Mcfarlane's figure's are very affordable.

Umah Bloodomen
15th Sep 2002, 19:51
Originally posted by necropotence
Hey Umah, how would you like to see a perfectly sculpted figure of you're namesake?

It would be cool, but I would rather see sculptured busts of all the characters even more. ;)

15th Sep 2002, 20:06
Umah I didn't mean just a figure you. They usually have 5 or 6 in a series that all come out at the same time, plus a box set! :cool:

17th Sep 2002, 22:34
I hate them! I was going to get myself a nice combo of Raziel and Kain action figures. I've already got myself a Kain one with his throne and all. But I was shocked to learn they stopped selling the Raziel ones with his background thing. :mad:

Umah Bloodomen
17th Sep 2002, 22:51
As much as that sucks and all, did you ever stop to wonder if the figures were acutally making the toy company a profit?

I mean a lot of times, when a company is paying more to produce something than they are receiving from the sales of that item, it then becomes the decision of the higher-ups to pull the product totally.

This is when we usually see the "discounts" in the local toystores so they can simply get rid of the surplus of items still in circulation. (Case in point - the Resident Evil figures which I've collected all for under $5.00 US). http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/cool/cool013.gif

Why would you want to continue to mass produce something if it isn't benefitting your company as a whole? In the words of Johnny Cochrane on South Park: "This does not make sense".

Sure it's a bit selfish, but that's capitialism for you.

17th Sep 2002, 23:01
Exactly. Personally, I think the price point for the deluxe figures was too high to make them profitable. Most people aren't willing to spend $25-$30 on an action figure. I did for the LoK ones, but regular people who just see them in a store are a lot less likely.
Case in point: I really liked the metal-paint version of the Eva-01 Test Model from Evangelion (even though I've only seen like one episode of the series). They were originally selling in my area for $25-$30. I waited until they were blowing them out for $12 to pick one up.

20th Sep 2002, 16:23
Bah! I still want my Raz with a background!

20th Sep 2002, 19:30
You should be able to find one on eBay, if you're willing to pay a bit more.

26th Jan 2003, 21:38
Hey ppl,

I've been away from these forums for a long time, but when I met Gargoyle (Dylan) last week and he gave me my Kain and Raziel action figures, I thought I would return here and start posting again. Unfortunately something is wrong with my account so I hope this gets through...

Some of you might remember me and if not Hi to you! :D

Thanks en greetz,


Check my magic: http://raenius.xinix.nu

Umah Bloodomen
26th Apr 2003, 02:45
Alright, so I headed out today and saw the movie Identity (Very cool BTW). Well, I stopped by the local GameStop there at the mall with the intention of buying the Thief Platinum series. (Which I did). As I am heading out the door, I looked to the right and noticed a bunch of LOK figures - Kain and the Jawless-Wonder. (Keep in mind this GameStop hadn't stocked LOK figures since last summer). I scanned the rows (all four by six of them) and low and behold, Lieutenant Raziel was right smack dab there on the end.
(Yes, I bought him). Unfortunately there was only one, so I can't open it until I find another. (It's a matter of principle damnit!) :p

My point in all this rambling, is actually directed to those who also own the figure. Did you receive the cool-looking scythe-type weapon along with the figure? The back of the package shows that he comes with it, however all I got was a sword).

Not that I'm complaining, I actually prefer variant figures, but I am just trying to figure out which is the variant. (My Kain also didn't come with his little base either, but I bought him awhile ago).

Much obliged for the responses ahead of time...

26th Apr 2003, 02:49
Apparently, the scythe and shield were removed from the set. I didn't get them either. It's too bad though; they were pretty cool looking.

Umah Bloodomen
26th Apr 2003, 02:57
Nothing like giving the hopes up of the consumer. :p **shrugs** Ah well, the figure still goes well with my collection.

26th Apr 2003, 04:18
My theory is that their plan was originally to release a deluxe boxed version with the scythe and shield, but they ditched it for one reason or another. Probably because the game he appears in is four years old now =).

Umah Bloodomen
26th Apr 2003, 04:20
I seriously thought the Kain had a deluxe figure because I have yet to find one with the base and the lightning.

Perhaps when they decided to ditch it they plan on making more? (Although I doubt it because if you see one jawless-wonder from one game, you see them all). :p

26th Apr 2003, 20:47
Wow, Umah, I'd love to have a set of Nosgoth figures.
Can you buy them here in Britain? I don't recall seeing them around. :)

Umah Bloodomen
26th Apr 2003, 20:59
Yes, I believe you can buy them in Britain. I'm not British myself, but I've seen some people I know (from Britain) mention they picked some up. (Not sure if they did through local retailers or Ebay though).

Adrian Tepes
27th Apr 2003, 05:09
That is an odd coincidence, I just bought Lt. Raziel three days ago myself. I went to Babbages and they had about twenty of them and at an amazing price. They only wanted $5 apiece. I only bought one though. I didn't have your restraint Umah, I opened the figure immediately upon purchase. The funny thing is, I thought I had dropped the scythe somewhere along the way. Thankfully I now know that he didn't come with one. As for buying two figures, I really didn't see the point. You only live once, and I don't see these figures becoming collectors' items or anything. In all honesty, I love LOK, but these figures are actually quite poorly made in my opinion. Everytime I play with Kain, the peg that holds his thigh to his calf always pops out.:D

Oh yeah, not to be a naysayer or anything, but the points of articulation leave alot to be desired. The first time I opened a Soul Reaver figure, I had to practically run over the figure with a steamroller just to get the joints to pivot!:rolleyes:

Umah Bloodomen
27th Apr 2003, 05:17
I paid $8 for mine. Not too bad. As for collecting two of each, I actually display many of my figures around my room. (And formerly my apartment). Not just LOK figures, but all sorts of figures. That's the reason I tend to keep them in the box.

I don't particularily care for the collector's value of a figure at this point. (If I were collecting retro Star Wars action figures, I think I'd care, but that's another matter entirely).

Adrian Tepes
27th Apr 2003, 05:33
Too true. My wife collects retro star wars figures and we had to move to a bigger house just so she could display them:) I think she is nuts because she has at least three of every figure and won't even open one. LOL!

Umah Bloodomen
27th Apr 2003, 05:56
Originally posted by Adrian Tepes
Too true. My wife collects retro star wars figures and we had to move to a bigger house just so she could display them:) I think she is nuts because she has at least three of every figure and won't even open one. LOL!

Well, let her know she's not alone. I don't have many retro figures but I do have tons of newer figures all in the box and multiples of a few different characters. (Namely Leia, Han & Boba Fett) :p

I won't dare remove them. LOL.

Apocrypha Roxy
29th Apr 2003, 21:11
You... play with them?

-stares blankly for a moment-

-fit of giggles-


Oh, man, I have soo many Barbies (and only 3 Kens). I wonder how Kain would feel wearing a stylish hot-pink skirt and a haltar top? Maybe we can throw in the pink plastic boots if those cloven feet will fit...
And Raziel can never have too many clothes.

As for our pre-jawless wonder...

'Hi! I'm Barbie!'
'I am Raziel, Firstborn of Kain's lieutenants.'
'C'mon in to my house!' -drags the poor sucker in-

(Raziel looks around the pinkness of Barbie's Malibu house. One of those amber cat eyes twitches.)

'So, where're you from?'
'I stood with Kain and my brethren at the dawn of the Empire. I have served him a millenium.'
'Who's Kain?'
'Kain is deified; the clans tell tales of him. Few know the truth.'

(By now, the perfectly-proportioned little airhead is bringing in a -pink- tray with plastic foodstuffs and one of those rediculous brushes)

'Wow, that is super cool! What do you do? I'm a teacher, an astronaut, a princess, a vet, a fashion model, an airline stewardess, (I have the original barbie case from my mom when she was little, and the AA outfit with a suitcase - in blue, of course) A SeaWorld entertainer with Shamu and his baby (I have that too...), a music star, a ballerina...'

(This goes on for some time; Barbie drawls on about her many, many careers over the past 40 years of her uber-perfection. Raziel is starting to get antsy)

'Uh... lunch - I mean, Lady, I fear that I've no more time for chit chat. I need a bite to eat, you see. So -'
'Why didn't you say so? Here, have a cookie!'

(Barbie flings a plastic cookie at Raziel, who is not a happy vamp)

'I'm afraid I don't eat tha- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!'
'I'm combing your hair! You have such lovely hair, you know. I'm not used to brushing dark hair. Or men's hair, for that matter. Ken has plastic hair, ya know. You know men, can't even have real hair... hehe!'

(Raziel's eyes start to bleed into that vampire-rage-fury-bar red and he hisses as he swings around to Barbie)

'Listen, foolish mortal woman! I do not appreciate you touching my hair or my wings or throwing fake cookies at me! Your color scheme is nauseating, and you are a twit! Now cower before me as I sup on your blood, and worship your true masters!'

(Barbie blinks stupidly for a moment)

'But we haven't even started make-up yet!'

(Just as Raziel is about to scream in fustration and rip out the little blonde fop's throat, Kain comes storming in to Barbie's dream house, pink hooker skirt and all. Without blinking, he grabs Barbie by her removable head (I've done that before. I am a sick person.) and bites a chunk out of that little plastic body. After supping on her blood, Kain turns to his firstborn future vampire Messiah.)

'Lord Kain, you've saved me from her madness! How can I ever repay you?'
'Yuck... funky aftertaste...'
'My lord?'
'Hmm? Oh, 'twas nothing. Hey, are those wings?'

(Raz flaps his new wings)

'Yes, my lord, they are, in fact, wings.'
'Why do you have wings?'
'... I evolved them, my lord. Why do you sport women's clothing in that horrid color?'
'You evolved wings before me, and you have the AUDACITY to comment on my hooker clothes!?'

(Kain proceeds to yank Razzy-boy's newly fledged wings from his back, just like in the original. Except they are surrounded by that... pinkness...)

'Oh shut up and take a swim, you git!'
'No! NONONOOOOOOoooooo!' -splash-

After a few hundred years or so:

(Raziel awakes in the underworld)

'The decent had destroyed me. And yet, I lived.'

(A haunting voice calls from behind him. Raziel spins around to see the source of the voice.)

'Hi! I'm Barbie!' :D

Umah Bloodomen
29th Apr 2003, 21:16
I actually used to blow up barbie dolls with my friends when I was younger. And no offense, as far as the Barbie franchise is concerned, they're not really economically correct anymore. ($30 for one is a bit much IMO).

But hey, whatever makes little girls smile. LOL

Apocrypha Roxy
29th Apr 2003, 21:42
Ripping their heads off make this little girl smile... :D

$30 for an anatomically incorrect doll? (if Barbie was a real woman, she'd need to walk on all fours due to her proportions).

Gimme a break. A price break, at that...

Blowing up Barbies? Hehee...

My friends and I crucified a Teletubby keychain thing from those Happymeal things in a pentagram on the wall of an old shack, near the 'trails' by my house (it's Bay Parkway, a few miles from the Verrazano bridge). Then we immolated it. And roasted marshmellows on sticks over an open fire in that dilapidated old shack (don't worry, the thing was open on 2 sides, no fire).

Man, we HAVE to go back there again. I think my sister has a picture of it somewhere, lit up, even... I'll try to get it...

(I've turned this innocent LoK collectables thread into a sick display of toy torture. Yay! :D)

6th May 2003, 23:18
Originally posted by KoolKat
Wow, Umah, I'd love to have a set of Nosgoth figures.
Can you buy them here in Britain? I don't recall seeing them around. :)

I wanted the set myself, but you can't get them in Britain as far as I know. I emailed the company here that was supposed to supply them and they told me that they don't stock them anymore as they weren't popular enough.

The good thing is that the guy from the company was really nice and offered to send me the Lt Raziel sample they had as a complimentary gift.

You can order them online though you need a credit card for that. They do ship overseas.

4th Jul 2003, 01:33
Are there any UK sites that sell action figures?

I've tried searching through the forums for the past 15 minutes only to come up with this thread as the most enlightning....

DON'T say Toys'R'Us... I've checked ;)

What about Worlds Apart? I'm checkin out their online store, and I've been into an actual store in Liverpool when I met Claire Kramer (Glory from Buffy Season 5) but can't remember any figures...

4th Jul 2003, 03:08
The sword carried by pre-fallen raziel is cool!!!

Just imagine how did the pre-fallen Raziel use it and what will happen if it's available in game and Raziel can use it.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

4th Jul 2003, 13:07
Damn you! Be quiet!

I'm having a very hard time tracking down LoK action figures in the UK (I don't want to use Ebay... the shipping costs are as much as the figure itself!) :(

5th Jul 2003, 06:12
Hey man, relax, or you loose out a lot due to these figure?*chuckle*

Apocrypha Roxy
5th Jul 2003, 17:27
Toys R' Us.


(For the measly price of $7.99, as said in another thread...)

5th Jul 2003, 17:40
I'm getting Lt. Raziel for that same price from a friend in Florida...

But I need UK sites dammit!

I want posters, action figures... the works!

7th Jul 2003, 01:41
Omega check this site:


I brought my Kain figure from them. :)

1st Aug 2003, 09:46
(exactly as I posted over at Nosgoth.net, for those few that don't go over there)

Well, it's finally available for those unable to get to San Diego for Comic Con (and Siggraph right now, SD seems to be the place this summer)...and for those who dislike or are unable to troll eBay....

Exclusive Raziel (http://www.figuretoy.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=13&cat=Figuretoy+Exclusive)

It seems like it's rather cheap ($19.99) but actually they get you at the shipping, so watch it (my order ended up at $39.99)...but I deem it worth it, especially since so few were made....

So go on, order, whilst you still can!!

1st Aug 2003, 18:25
Pretty cool, I like the green mist comming off the back of the tomb stone.

2nd Aug 2003, 01:36
Rad, thanks for the link. Even with shipping, it sure beats the $60 they're going for on eBay.

2nd Aug 2003, 19:50
I've just received a tip that these will soon be available from another vendor (that charges a lot less for shipping). I'll post more when I know more.

3rd Aug 2003, 03:27
I received an e-mail from Blue Box Toys informing me of a limited edition Raziel figure.

Quote from e-mail:

"In addition to the new item, we have located the boxed Kain that includes the Pillar of Balance throne and the boxed Raziel figure that includes the display stand modelled after the stones of the Underworld. These are no longer in production and there are no plans to manufacture anymore."

I love these guys :)

Not about making anymore... we need more dammit!

5th Aug 2003, 06:23
I thought they've been available since last year? :confused:
I've had those two for a while now.

5th Aug 2003, 21:58
Well, theres a page on my site that lists most of the action figures...

But if your talking about this figure (http://www.cytoys.com/details.asp?id=486) CyToys do it too.

And my God! I LOVE those people!

I'm getting it from CyToys. For free.

I call them up to confirm it (nah, calling the States from England isn't expensive on my phone... 10p a min) and they said it's no hoax! My God! If I am ever in the States, I'll make a point to go to them and hug each and every staff member :D

Boy, I'm hyper now!

5th Aug 2003, 23:27
I got all my LOK figures from Cytoys. It's a good dependable company. The only problem is that last time I spoke with them, they told me that most of their LOK stock was almost gone. (that was about 3 weeks ago) Since the figures may be out of production now, that poses a problem, so I would DEFINATELY call them about it. :(

7th Aug 2003, 00:23
Originally posted by blincoln
I've just received a tip that these will soon be available from another vendor (that charges a lot less for shipping). I'll post more when I know more.

Well? Do I have to buy the $60 one or not? :D Whats this thing even look like...

7th Aug 2003, 00:51
It looks like this:


Hopefully I'll get more news on additional availability soon.

7th Aug 2003, 02:45
Thanks! It's the same thing(made by same company too?) as the other one isnt it? Well, his *mouth* is open on this one and the spear looks different. I guess the other 2900 will show up somewhere.

7th Aug 2003, 03:04
Yeah, as far as I can tell without having one in front of me (...yet), the base figure is exactly the same. It just has a different cowl and accessories. It was supposed to be transparent, but I guess they ditched that idea.

8th Aug 2003, 00:21
If you find a place that has them for sale or whatever please let me know cause I want one, too!

Chris Mishima
8th Aug 2003, 00:43
I picked up the Lt. Raziel from Babbages last week for only 8 bucks. I tried to pose it on top of my computer case but he keeps falling over...

But thanks to that Cy Toy's link. I gotta get my hands on that King of Fighters Kyo, doll.

8th Aug 2003, 03:15
Welcome :)

Those guys at CyToys are brilliant!

23rd Aug 2003, 02:52
I came home today and found that wonderful blue boy on my table :D
What's more, I also got a cute Dante figure from gamestop. And my brother washed my car :D :D
My life is complete (for now).

In case you're curious, here's the address of the sender:
Unicentre Dev Ltd.
1706 Hing Wai Ctr
7 Tin Wan Praya Rd
Aberdeen, HONG KONG

23rd Aug 2003, 03:34
No wonder it's taking so )(*% long for mine to arrive. I would seriously recommend US fans wait until a vendor in the US has them.

22nd Sep 2003, 19:20
Hooray! Hooray! I have just ordered my Kain action figure! I can't wait to recieve him - in about 4 or 6 weeks time, but hey, who's counting! lol!

I just wonder why I am having to buy it over from the USA, did Eidos ever release SR figures in the UK?

Lady Minerva
22nd Sep 2003, 20:21
... but if you're interested, they have a figure of Raziel available, too --
both Pre-Fallen and Reaver version, anyone who is interested.


Soul Reaver:

22nd Sep 2003, 21:15
You can check out my site for more action figures...


23rd Sep 2003, 16:50
thanks! :)

24th Sep 2003, 00:00
They did release Figures in the UK, but only to see how they would sell here! which wasn't to well seeing as you can get them here anymore :(

I got Kain (on his stand) and Raziel (on his stand) when they were for sale here, thou I didn't get Duma

Then I imported Vampire Lt Raziel from the USA.

24th Sep 2003, 12:39
Originally posted by Fury
Then I imported Vampire Lt Raziel from the USA.

Looks like thats whats I'll be doing too.

A friend in Florida can get me a Raziel one for cheap (in box with all equipment) for around $7 IIRC, so she's sending it me when I remember to send off some money.

1st Oct 2003, 14:11
Hi! ^_^

I'm not sure if I'm the only one asking this, but will Eidos ever release a Janos figurine similar to those of Kain and Raziel?
I'm asking because after having bought all the LoK Soul Reaver figurines I find it lacking not having the rest of the set (if there was one).

Would anybody ese but me be interested?
How about Raziel's other brothers in both lieutenant and boss forms? (Pillars action set included!) :D
How about figurines for other characters like Umah and Vorador?
To the polls I say!

2nd Oct 2003, 04:17
What do the figurines look like? Where'd you get 'em?

I'd like some LOK mini's.

Apocrypha Roxy
3rd Oct 2003, 02:17
The BBI action figures - in fact, I just picked up blue Raz today at GameStop, along with OPM (ooh, the Prince of Persia demo is AWESOME!!!). Actually, at the moment I've got both Lt. Raz and the Jawless Wonder standing on my bookshelf looking all heroic and badass. Can't seem to find Kain, though. :(

3rd Oct 2003, 10:52
I found Kain and both Raziel figures at GameStop dirt cheap. They didn't have Dumah though. And I don't believe any other characters were made. Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

I would love to see new figures made for Defiance though *hint*hint* ;)

3rd Oct 2003, 19:20
Action figures aint figurines. I've seen a Raziel statue, I was under the impression that's what was meant by figurines.

4th Oct 2003, 15:41
My goodness me!
Apologies if I've led anyone astray but warpsavant was right in correcting me.
By 'figurines' I meant the nine inch tall action figures of Kain and Raziel pre and post dip in Lake of the Dead.
I managed to score Kain and both Razs through ebay and I have them 'battling' from one of my bookshelves (mwahahahahahahaaaaahhhh...) :D Pre fallen Raziel looks awesome!
Despite this snafu however, the question remains if Eidos will ever release other figures, if at all,
and if anybody but me would be interested in dropping massive hints to them on the matter.
Should I hold a poll or something before I start to picket outside their offices?
I heard they had planned some 'deluxe' handmade figures (If you have the B B T nine inch figures
you can see the never released Kain and Raziel on the backing carton, brandishing some delightfully wicked weapons) but it fell through because it prooved too expensive. Alas!
So, why did they release a Dumah figure only? Why not the brothers?
Guess we'll never know but its a shame Eidos never considered the potential market. Hell, as a sword collector I would pay above and beyond the price for a lifesize Soul Reaver replica sword, and I know there are many fantasy games and movies that have done the same (and I will not name them here to avoid them publicity. This is a Legacy of Kain site dammit!):p
We can only hope Defiance will see new figures like janos or Vorador appearing in the market soon, or better yet...
Janos with a Kung Fu grip!!!:D

4th Oct 2003, 17:37
I have the Kain, Raziel and Dumah figures. I call 'em dolls. If Defiance sells we should get some more action figures.

Whatever happened to the Lt Dumah figure? Werent they gonna make one of those?

5th Oct 2003, 10:57
I have both raziel's and kain. Dumah is too expensive shipping to the UK to warrant buying. He's not the best character they could have made anyway.

If they made more (I'd prefer McFarlane toys just make a completely new set tho)

I would want:

raziel with a removable arm that can be replaced with an arm holding the wraith blade
Kain (inc reaver)
kain (bo2 version that comes with a few BO2 weapons)
janos (inc reaver and heart of darkness)
Moebius (inc staff and vorador head)
vorador (inc malek's helmet)
umah (inc nexus stone)
Turel (assuming he's in defiance)

I know that's 10 and the line should be 6 so I suppose the best 6 to make would be:
raziel, kain, janos, moebuis, Hylden and Vorador

Can you tell I considered going into toy design?

5th Oct 2003, 12:36
Wow fneh! ^_^
Q: Would Moebius' head be detachable?:D
What about Vorador? Would he have to bone reaver sword from BO? Would it be Vorador from SR2 or BO2?
What about a Sarafan Raziel?
I would love to see these in stores except the 'post op' Janos.
God! I don't think I would sleep seeing my Janos figure with his chest torn open. Healthy Janos yes, I'd snap him up asap.
I don't know the quality of McFarlane toys figures.:confused: and I have seen some 'action figures' that promised a lot and left me cold because they looked so mass produced it was awful.
Can anybody tell me what figures this company has made so far? Any reviews of the quality of their products would be helpful.:)
Sorry warpsavant, I dont think Eidos had any intention of making a lieutenant Dumah figure. Guess we'll never know and it drives me up the wall they left things as they are now.
Should I hold a poll to see what others think of this topic or should I leave it be and pray for Defiance to be a hit? (Which it will!)

5th Oct 2003, 17:27
McFarlane toys (http://www.spawn.com)

see for yourself.

I didn't mean make janos have his chest torn open. Just make him come with his own heart. If you REALLY wanted I suppose you could make his chest removable and replacable with a torn up one easy enough....

I'd expect kain to come with the moebius head. Afterall, he's the one that killed him.

Umah Bloodomen
6th Oct 2003, 00:51
Biscuit, I think I've lost a little respect for you and your *doll* fetish. ;)

McFarlane makes a great looking action figure that's for sure.

Apocrypha Roxy
6th Oct 2003, 01:43
LOL I still need to get Kain... I am not fond of the Dumah one, myself. He looks sort of cheesy.

If McFarlane toys makes a whole new line, that would be lovely. I hear the detail is better. BBI looks mass-produced.

Maybe they'd offer Raziel with a glow stick that lights up at night, which you wrap around his arm. Your very own Wraith Blade! :D

I would sell my firstborn for one of those... :p

the dark one
7th Oct 2003, 06:55
McFarlane has good detail, but I think they are to fragile, and more like statues. Yes, the figures "they" could make would be endless.

7th Oct 2003, 09:05
Originally posted by Viator
Q: Would Moebius' head be detachable?:D

LOL! at detachable Moe head :D

Umah Bloodomen
7th Oct 2003, 22:49
Originally posted by the dark one
McFarlane has good detail, but I think they are to fragile, and more like statues. Yes, the figures "they" could make would be endless.

I agree. However I don't typically play with my figures. I use them more as display pieces. ;)

8th Oct 2003, 12:10
I think Umah Bloodomen has a good point and displaying Kain and co. in prominent view of any non believer is fun! :) I've built a little stage for my figures on the bookshelf where I display them and it makes them look like little people. Since I'm doing Fine Arts I found it a good exercise in scale modelling.
I checked out the McFarlane site and I must admit some of their stuff is pretty good (thanks once again to fneh for bringing it up and pointing me in the right direction).
I want my figures to be poseable, not static, and McFarlane's seem to cover for it with almost seamless joints. Nice. Static is fine if they're very well crafted and capture something unique about the character, not 'its Kain, fear him'.
It would be nice to see what McFarlane Toys would do with the LoK characters, as long as figure articulation is not too limited. This was one of my peeves with BBT, particularly with Raz's cowl, which only lets him have his head to the left. :(
With this little dream underway, what about talking figures?
They did it for those cheesy Star Wars toys, Maybe McFarlane can certainly do it for LoK much, much better.
Press a button in Kain's back "vae victus!" he cries.
It would be nice to hear Moebius plead over and over before his aforementioned 'detachable head' pops off and flies across the room, really freaking out someone's little sister. :D

Kain's Ancient Blade
13th Oct 2003, 21:46
mcfarlane toys did the Onimusha figures, which were probably the most posable figures released by the company in recent memory. They did look pretty bad ass if u ask me.

But i would prefer statues and bust if possible since i'm addicted to them and already have a Raziel statue custom made for me.

14th Oct 2003, 05:20
I have a couple of McFarlane's Akira figures, and I was *really* disappointed with their lack of poseability. They have a number of joints, but they're completely useless because they can't be put in any position other than the one they come in and look right.

The worst example is the Keneda figure. I have him, and I have his bike. So I should be able to put him ON the bike, right? No! Because his legs can't be made to go into a bike riding position. It's totally ridiculous.

I think BBI has done an excellent job with the figures they've produced so far, and I hope they continue to put out more.

15th Oct 2003, 16:15
Hmmm...I hear a lot of good for McFarlane, but at the same time there's the question of 'poseability'.
I admit their figures are nice and very detailed (from the pictures on their site anyway), but just HOW poseable are they?
I have the BBT set, so I know that they're fairly poseable, if a little stiff.
However, would McFarlane guarantee I can have Kain popping cartwheels if I so desire? :D movement is the key folks! :)
On the topic of poseability, does anybody have or can recommend the set of LoK figures released by CyToys?
I ask because they seem to promise a lot in the poseability department, but I have one of their 'Dragoon' figures and its poseability is almost non existent, even though its articulated. the Kain figure they have advertised on their site 'looks' nice, but it might be deceiving.
I still consider BBT's figures to be pretty good.
Busts and finely detailed figures would be awesome! especially if they were larger than the current figures, like a limited edition!:eek:

27th Oct 2003, 16:27
Hey, I work at a gamestop! (Not that that means much seeing as if we are all playing this we probably frequent the stores on a regular basis and is otherwise totally irrelevant ^_^) Anyway, yeah, send out the figures! I'd like to see Janos and Vorador - maybe Uma but definitley the Seraphan lord. Any chance I suggest an artbook? I'd love to see what they'd have in store for that!
Anyway, later. Hopefully, our request for figures is heard. I look foward to the results.

29th Oct 2003, 09:38
People that work in gameshops are cool!
They get to play with all the games first. Damn cool!
I visit my Electronics Boutique shop a couple of times a week at least. Love to see all those games and I usually pick up a couple of games or figures if they're nice.
I managed to score some FF VIII posters and promo stuff a while back from another shop. Hope I can do the same when all the Defiance promotional stuff comes out.
Hmmm...Janos and Vorador seem to be in demand amongst the action figure collectors. Umah would be nice since there are so few (read as none) female figures from any LoK games.

Originally posted by Soulfire:
Any chance I suggest an artbook? I'd love to see what they'd have in store for that!
Damn! I was thinking of a nicely illustrated game guide, but an Artbook??? DROOL...:p

2nd Nov 2003, 20:37
These are my LOK action figures:
The same Raziel figure in a new collectors edition:
This is the coolest adition in the colectors edition, the soul reaver wraith blade:
They are so cool. The only one I did not get was Dumah cause its hard to find now. I hope bbi makes more...

2nd Nov 2003, 21:12
Can't see them very well. Bit dark :(

2nd Nov 2003, 21:17
ya i am going to take better pics

RA Fox
2nd Nov 2003, 22:07
Winged Raziel's and Kain's closeup please :)

2nd Nov 2003, 23:48
k here are some better pics, with the comic ...

enjoy ... :D

2nd Nov 2003, 23:50
some more ...



RA Fox
3rd Nov 2003, 00:06
Superbly qualitative pictures. Good figures, too.
Is it possible to take good pictures of comic book [readable text] ? ;)

Adrian Tepes
3rd Nov 2003, 00:16
Where did you get the Raziel figure with the wraith blade? The only one I have ever seen in stores is the Raziel that comes with the spear and the torch. Definitely awesome I must say!:D

3rd Nov 2003, 00:25
I dont think scaning the comic is alowed.

I got it from cytoys.com. Here is the link.
http://www.cytoys.com/pictures/21260%20Raziel%20Limited%20Edition%20Web.jpg (http://www.cytoys.com/details.asp?id=1052)
They say its a limited colectors edition, it comes with a stand, wraith blade, a cool new spear thing, two flaming hands, and a new soul sucking cloak. Otherwise its the same figure.

3rd Nov 2003, 00:59
I have one of those too :)

How do you get his shawl on properly? I can't seen to line up the hole and the sticky-outy-thingy right...

Camus Audron
3rd Nov 2003, 01:11
whoah! great..I wanted to see pictures of the figures like these for a looong time, it actually gives you a feel of what they look like=9

btw, is new raz's cloak interchangeable? I mean, can one put it a normal cloak instead of the one he has? or does he have a set soul-sucking cloak?

it'd be pretty cool if it was interchangeable...I would make him a cloth cloak, and use the little design of the back as a lock =)( he does have that design right??)..it would rule =D

I think the best one you have is kain...his skin looks great,Lt-Raz looks too shiny, almost greasy :p....although his pants do look better but a greasy skin isnt worth the shiny pants :p and those spots on Lt-raz's wings look lame too c.c so Kain completly oliberates L-t raz, just like he did in SR1 intro >=D

fallen raz looks waaaay too shiny though, he should be much much more matte....he completly lacks the undead look.

any chance you can get more pics of the master Kain? =D

Umah Bloodomen
3rd Nov 2003, 01:22
You are correct, theeyeman, scanning the comic is not allowed. Thanks for keeping it as your backdrop and ensuring it's not legible. :)

Nice figures everyone. I've got 2 Kain's, 2 Raziel's and 1 Lt. Raziel. I like to get multiple copies of my figures so I can keep one in the box for display purposes and the others so I can open them and check them out.

What can I say? I'm such a nerd. ;)

Adrian Tepes
3rd Nov 2003, 02:16
Points at Umah "Dork, Dork, Dork":p

Umah Bloodomen
3rd Nov 2003, 02:33
Originally posted by Adrian Tepes
Points at Umah "Dork, Dork, Dork":p

For those? Ha! My collection of Star Wars figures is what classifies me as a dork. :p

I have about one thousand figures, vehicles and accessories. :D

3rd Nov 2003, 02:36
Initialy I had one open and one closed but my opened ones got attacked by a kid when i was not there. So I opened all of them.
The Luitenant Raz is good but he just cant stand good when he got his heavy wings on. The soul reavers are identical, so u can change parts between them. They are too cool to keep boxed up.

3rd Nov 2003, 14:38
Very cool pics indeed! Thanks for sharing them.

I haven't found Dumah yet either. But I haven't been agressively seeking it, just casually. I figure I'll stumble upon one eventually.

3rd Nov 2003, 16:43

It just dawned on me - anyone want to see a figure of Malek from Blood Omen 1? I think he'd be sorta cool. Still, if anyone is considering a pole for figures give me a site if it falls through and I'll vote.


11th Dec 2003, 04:33
i swear every lt. raziel figure i see has either a differant mouth or eyes. some his eyes are looking to the side, some straight forward. his mouth is either the normal look but there have been a few i saw where his mouth was actauly smiling, in a grin tyoe of Hah! thing like he's laughing at someone, or about to kill them or something. i also saw one where he was almost winking. the shadowing on his left eye and cheak was slightly higher and darker than the other side. it also looked like the end of his mouth was curling back up into the grin. so where there more than one model released, but so similar they never said anything, or is this a production error/misprint. or just my imagingation?

Umah Bloodomen
11th Dec 2003, 04:38
It's typical with regard to action figures, to come across variant figures. (Those with physical differences from a majority). Sometimes variants are made intentionally (as with alternate costumes or hairstyles, etc.), while others are actually unintentional production errors.

Variants are often more valuable to the collector's market than non-variant figures. I really can't say whether in this particular case if the variants are intentional or unintentional, or whether or not they'd be worth anything (on account I don't really believe the LOK figures are in "hot demand"). I also haven't personally noticed any variants in the line. **shrugs**

You may wish to check around though. Toy Fare magazine always keeps an up-to-date price list on action figures. (But I have not come across any LOK-related figures on it before).

26th Jan 2004, 00:23
I've heard about how theres Kain & Raz figures available to buy. and I'm wondering if there is any place to buy them in the uk?

Are there any pictures of these action figure models by any chance aswell?

cheers for any info.

26th Jan 2004, 01:07
You can check out this page of my site for more info :)


The only actual shops I'm aware of are World's Apart in Liverpool City Centre, and that was only the Dumah one for £30.

I did telephone Blue Box Toys (the people who manufactor the toys) in their UK officies, but they said it wasn't on their stock lists. So I called up the US offices, and they had no idea as they said to contact the UK offices.

Basically, you can try Ebay or other online shops, or see if a local action-figure store can get hold of some for you :)

26th Jan 2004, 22:11
ebay usually has them for cheap. I dont know if BBI ships overseas, but their main site (US) has kain, raziel, and LT. Raziel. A boxed Kain is there, and there was a boxed raziel but theyre sold out. Dumah pops up there time from time. theres also collectors edition Kain which isnt anydifferant than the normal boxed kain, except it guarenttes the boxed edition of kian in 100% mint condition with super shipping protection. They used to have images for the Collectors edition of raziel, but theyre gone. that razil was really a specail edition. only 3000 of him were made. he was like the normal one, but his cowl was streatched out like he was feeding on souls, and included with it is the Melciah territory staff (the original only had raziel's territiory staff) and the soul reaver wraith blade. he also has his boxed edition stand and 2 switchable fire glyph hands. truley a specail edition. Yuo can learn more about them and see images of them at thelostworlds.net under the library section-->Figures. there was also a Lt. Dumah figure in the works, but was never released, and most likely wont be released.

18th Mar 2004, 00:49
Hey does anyone think they should make all of the Legacy of Kain characters into action figures cuz that would be cool. You could have Kain, Raziel, Janos Audron, Vorador, Moebius, Turel, Sluagh, Vampire Hunters, and Sarafan Warriors.


Kain's Ancient Blade
18th Mar 2004, 01:27
Some figures were already made and released, but I was a bit disappointed. Personally I would prefer bust and statues. But that probably would never happen.

Janos of Uschtenheim
18th Mar 2004, 19:26
I would cuddle a Janos figure whilst I sleep if it were to come true...

They should really have McFarlane do the figures. My god, they would look sooo sweet! And they wouldn't fall apart either ::jams Kain's lower leg back on and tries to find the joint peg::

Camus Audron
19th Mar 2004, 01:40
the mc farlane comment is so true, I mean..the mc frlane figures arent perfect, in fact I think the MGS figures couldnt be any suckier, they dont match the real appereance of the characters (I was about to break into tears when I saw the pictures of both Snake figures), or the style of the series at all.

But if there is one franchise that Mc farlane would do right is LOK, LOK designs match spawn's aesthetic so well that a Mc faralane LOK toy would be a total dream...I would buy every single figure they would release

19th Mar 2004, 02:42
I would love it so much. Now I could play with all my beautiful LOK toys and stop playing with my power ranger toys.
Ps: I'm tommy the green ranger


23rd Mar 2004, 02:05
there is a Kain Bust from BO2 actually. Its called the Sanguine Addiction, but its a model bust where you have to put together and paint yourself. The Company "Devil's Own Resin" Makes them and they're about 85 Bucks Each. The pic has his Hair looking wierd, but I assure you, Ive seen it before and it does look REALLY Good, not a Buzz cut the angle of the Pic makes it look like.


You can order is here from Epic Statues: http://www.epicstatues.com/DevilsOwnResin.html
It was on ebay a few months ago for 38! too bad i lost to a friend of mine who lives in Vegas. Talk About Ironic Eh?

Kain's Ancient Blade
23rd Mar 2004, 03:48
that actually looks pretty sweet.

23rd Mar 2004, 06:34
Wow the model look dulcet!!!! Do they have Malek or the Sarafan? How about Raziel or just Blood Omen2 characters.

23rd Mar 2004, 08:54
Were is his legs? and the rest of his hair? and why would you want sarafan action figures? :rolleyes:

23rd Mar 2004, 09:34
I think they looked awesome, except for the ones from BO2 where they are all bald headed. The customes the Sarafans wore kinda resembled Greek or Roman legions, which i think look pretty cool. I would love to get my hand on a Malek figure or a Raziel.

Kain's Ancient Blade
23rd Mar 2004, 13:23
Originally posted by Omni_Sephiroth
Were is his legs? and the rest of his hair? and why would you want sarafan action figures? :rolleyes:

Busts don't come with legs. They're usually just the upper torso.
And why wouldn't u want a sarafan piece. I think it would look like very nice in a collection of Busts from LOK.

24th Mar 2004, 07:55
No, the company only made the BO2 Kain, Saddly. I would love a Raziel or a Vorador. I would like the Lt. Vampires over Sarafan, as I love the Lt's. because they are so mysterious. We only saw them for about 30 seconds before being transformed into thier monstrous future bodies.

Though That company makes some other darn-right spiffy statues (Most arent even busts, but full statues!) Im trying to Find A Resident Evil statue of Tyrant they made, but it was removed from thier site about 3 months ago. It looked so cool.

Originally posted by Omni_Sephiroth: Were is his legs? and the rest of his hair? and why would you want sarafan action figures?

Omni_Seph, if you actually read my Post instead of just looking at the picture, you'll discover that Kain does have more hair, like his BO2 self. I have seen one in person and it looks really good. He Doesnt have a buzz cut, its just that the angle the picture is taken isnt the best, as his hair folds behind him, not up and around. I do remember seeing an unpainted version from differant angles somewhere too. Ill try to find them

24th Mar 2004, 08:08
Here I found the Unpainted Multiangle Pics

Kain Unpainted From Multiple Angles (http://www.imageshack.us/my.php?loc=img1&image=KainBustUnpainted.jpg

Also a Uber Colored Version of Kain from the front

Kain Looks Uber Cool (http://www.imageshack.us/my.php?loc=img1&image=kainbust.jpg)

24th Mar 2004, 08:17
MAn oh man, is that something> Wow it looked so awesome. So do you have to paint it yourself when you buy it or are there some bust that's already painted for you?

Thanks for the pix

Malek of Nosgion of America

24th Mar 2004, 17:56
Check out this German site. (scroll to the right to find a nice Raziel statue.)


24th Mar 2004, 18:41
that raz statue is the one up for grabs in the LOK art contest.

Umah Bloodomen
24th Mar 2004, 19:49
Please do not remote link to webspace that does not belong to you. Thanks. :)

24th Mar 2004, 23:00
I didnt know if you were talking to me or someone else Umah about the Images, but I put them on my own space just incase:)

Umah Bloodomen
25th Mar 2004, 04:29
Originally posted by Bobman32x
I didnt know if you were talking to me or someone else Umah about the Images, but I put them on my own space just incase:)

While you were the individual who prompted my comment, and because the member body as a whole could benefit, I figured I'd say something. Regular lnking to other sites is fine, it's the remote linking that is the problem. (As individual site owners pay for their bandwith).

Thanks for being courteous though, Bobman. :)

Kain's Ancient Blade
26th Mar 2004, 01:04
Originally posted by nichie14
Wow the model look dulcet!!!! Do they have Malek or the Sarafan? How about Raziel or just Blood Omen2 characters.

Here's to official statement from DEVIL'S DRIFTER:

Regarding other character’s we we're planning on having a full size Kain (older), Raziel full size (decrypted version) and a Lt' Raziel Bust. All sculpted by Gabe Perna. When they will actually come out I can't put a date on yet, but they are in the works

26th Mar 2004, 01:49
Thanks for the info. I'll keep my ears open.

26th Mar 2004, 19:12
Ah totally Awsome. More stautes, I love it. now to find the BO2 kain under 50 bucks. TO EBAY!!!!

4th Apr 2004, 04:49
Hey does anybody know where I can find a LoK Soul Reaver action figure of Raziel not on online but at the stores? I recieved one from the mail but I got a defective one and the arm broke off of it. The arm was jammed in the socket and I could not get the figures arm to move at all. Could some one please help me on where to find a really good one that is still in it's package?


The Reaper of Souls

4th Apr 2004, 16:32
I got mine at GameStop in my local mall last summer.
I've seen them on ebay too.

4th Apr 2004, 19:04
yeah gamestop usually has them. you can pop the arm in easilty. the arm of my raziel has fallen off a few times and it just pops back in. i think the only thing that cant pop off is his chest/spine joint, his feet, and his knees. I now his head can his arms and elbows can and so can his legs.

5th Apr 2004, 01:04
Yeah but the arm literally broke off from the post and part of the post is jammed in the socket. So I probably have to get a new one except this time I will leave it in it's package so it can be worth some money someday not that I would sell it, but I am a big action figure collector and have like them since I was a little kid.


The Reaper of Souls

5th Apr 2004, 03:57
I want a Raziel action figgure :p

5th Apr 2004, 17:52
if Gamestop is a bust, Try some gaming stores like EB too. If you get lucky, maybe KB toys or toys r us might have one. Thats where i got my Lt. Raziel. If you have a Super Best Buy Maybe trhey have one (Some best buys are HUGE where they sell anything game related. I got my Sonic and Tails Plushies at one when i was 6 years old;D)

5th Apr 2004, 18:15
Don't go to EB.
The Raziel (or anything else) you find there may be stolen.

5th Apr 2004, 19:09
I got my Sonic and Tails Plushies at one when i was 6 years old
you got sonic and tails plushies??? lucky!!!...:)
i also think the best bet would be ebay to get such stuff

5th Apr 2004, 20:36
I have no luck with my LoK toys...

My Raziel : nothing wrong, cept his wings fell off, and I had to glue them back on several times.

My Kain : His feet keep on going forward, so he falls all the time.

My Lt. Raziel : Wings droop, well the left one bends a bit.

Special Edition Raziel (Open Cowl) : I got this on Ebay, and when it came in the main, his wing was ripped, so I bought another Raziel, and replaced him....Shhhhhh don't tell.:cool:

6th Apr 2004, 03:23
i got both kain and lt raziel at gamestop. lets just say they didn't stay in good condition very long. the soulreaver meet a very sad meeting with mr. washer and mrs. dryer don't ask me how it got mixed up with my laundry. lt raziel lost his thomb and i have been looking all over for it... *blinks oh so that wasn't a penny that went through the vacuume. oh boy

6th Apr 2004, 13:50
The only problem i had with my LOK figures are like KTG, My Lt. Raziel's Thumb fell off. but i found it, and thw wings curl back, but i think thats a figure defect with the type of material the wwings are made of. Also both Raziel's (regualar and SE) feet broke in too much so now its nearly impossible to get the one not on the stand to stand up. I also had a problem with Kain's Banner but its my fault. i thought it could come off, cuse it has a "pin hole" but it cant, bacuase the rubber pin wont go back in. its fine though, a little super glue next to it and no one even notices it.

As for my Sonic and Tails Plushies, theyre the awsome Retro Genesis Plushies,not the new Sonic Adventure Style I have 2 sonics for some reason and i have no clue how i got the 2nd one, though ive always had them both. And i did win a Knuckles in a Claw Machiene when i went to the theatre to go see "Elf" so now I have all 3! I wonder if they make a shadow....

wow. they're rarer than i thought they were. I was just looking for a picture on Ebay, Amazon, and on google and couldnt find one. I might have to take a pic of mine.

18th Nov 2004, 08:14
Hi all,

Does anyone know if there will be new action figures based on the Defiance game? (or the other remaining games)


- Janos
- Vorador
- Moebius
- All other guardians
- All other luitenants / evolved form
- Serafan warrior(s)
- Vampire hunters
- Vampire(s)


- Raenius

19th Nov 2004, 04:35
i wouldnt hold my breath on that happening anytime this millenium.

19th Nov 2004, 05:17
Does anyone know if there will be new action figures based on the Defiance game?
Only if you're really, really good at sculpting and plastic casting.:p

19th Nov 2004, 05:41
Originally posted by evil_sharkey
Only if you're really, really good at sculpting and plastic casting.:p
post a sculpture shark.

19th Nov 2004, 07:59
hmmm that sucks..I would love to have more figures on display here..

Got Kain and Raziel, Dumah is underway via Ebay. Only lt Raziel to get from somewhere....

19th Nov 2004, 18:19
Most POPULAR videogames don't get toys so I'd just be happy with what we have. The BBI figures may be about as durable as a paper cup but they're still rather good in the way of videogame figures..... even if you can't turn raziel's head because of that stoopid cloak being sculpted to have his head turned and he doesn't include a wraith blade of some description.

Lt. Raziel is without a doubt the best one they made. He was worth the REDICULOUS wait we had to endure

21st Nov 2004, 07:25
Originally posted by evil_sharkey
Only if you're really, really good at sculpting and plastic casting.

post a sculpture shark.
I was kinda hoping someone else could do that. I lack the time, effort, skill, materials, and equipment to take on such a project. That, and I've never done it before and wouldn't know where to begin.

I did post some sculptures here ( once before, in the photo album. Here's a better one of the little sword (

Ivan il terrible
21st Nov 2004, 16:31
Once I made a 10cm tall modelling material-Raziel , but his arms and legs are falling of all the time just as his wings and himself because I just can't make him stand properly.
But a 85cm-Kain marionette doesn't seem to make that much problems: http://www.legacyofkain.de/index2.php?lok=fw_realwork_marionette&num=28

21st Nov 2004, 18:37
Originally posted by Ivan il terrible
Once I made a 10cm tall modelling material-Raziel , but his arms and legs are falling of all the time just as his wings and himself because I just can't make him stand properly.
But a 85cm-Kain marionette doesn't seem to make that much problems: http://www.legacyofkain.de/index2.php?lok=fw_realwork_marionette&num=28

Falling apart? That sounds like the BBI raziel I have!

21st Nov 2004, 21:57
Originally posted by Ivan il terrible

But a 85cm-Kain marionette doesn't seem to make that much problems: http://www.legacyofkain.de/index2.php?lok=fw_realwork_marionette&num=28

Holy Cheese! That is just plain freaky. Don't go to sleep, man.

21st Nov 2004, 22:16
But a 85cm-Kain marionette doesn't seem to make that much problems
Dude, you MADE that?! Dang. That rocks.

21st Nov 2004, 22:19
Originally posted by Ivan il terrible
Once I made a 10cm tall modelling material-Raziel , but his arms and legs are falling of all the time just as his wings and himself because I just can't make him stand properly.
But a 85cm-Kain marionette doesn't seem to make that much problems: http://www.legacyofkain.de/index2.php?lok=fw_realwork_marionette&num=28

hehe sounds like my kain and lt raz. raz lost his thumbs and his hand is badly chewed up from my rat umah. and kain loses his left foot every time i pick him up... the soul reaver is in the worst condition it kinda accidently went through the washer and dryer... fortunatly i only had to glue the tip back on.

Ivan il terrible
22nd Nov 2004, 18:43
Originally posted by evil_sharkey
Dude, you MADE that?! Dang. That rocks.
Wait a moment, I never said this was from me. The artist is called freak-on_a-leash. If it was from me the limbs wouldn't be on the body...

23rd Nov 2004, 01:30
Wait a moment, I never said this was from me.
Oh, well it's cool, anyway.

The artist is called freak-on_a-leash. If it was from me the limbs wouldn't be on the body...
Sounds like my old Duke Nukem and more than a few Barbies. That New Kids on the Block doll, though... What happened to him weren't no accident.

23rd Nov 2004, 19:09
Kain shouldn't be green:p and he looks a bit off his rocker, lol However, it's pretty good.

Erving JeansBgone
23rd Nov 2004, 20:56
ah well actualy Kain is kinda green...and as for looking of hir rocker i agree...

10th Jan 2005, 04:47
You wanna know what we need are some more LOK line of toys like collectable ones that MacFarlane makes. I mean wouldn't you guys like to own Janos Audron, Vorador, Moebius, Ariel, Turel, and well the Elder God but he would have to be a set and not and actual toy because he is everywhere. Lets not forget Raziels brothers like Melchiah, Zephon, and Rahab.


10th Jan 2005, 06:25
i bought the dumah that was mentioned in lostworlds.

at sf's japantown, the character designer argued with the cashier that he designed the character for the toy. lol

22nd Sep 2005, 15:15
Were there any LoK action figures? This is what I hate about getting into something after it's been out awhile. You have no clue what's going on! But you want to and it drives ya nuts...I just picked up Defiance in March of this year and am trying to catch up with everyone lucky enough to have bought the game new. I definently missed out on a lot. I'd like to find anything on the series I can get my hands on because I love it.

22nd Sep 2005, 17:37
there are 3 raziel's one special wraith,one vampire and the plain wraith...one kain. one big vampire dumah and a prototype humanoid vampire dumah but that was never released.

blueboxtoys made them...

22nd Sep 2005, 19:32
Yo, why did u buy the game so late?

(oh I guess im being off topic, maybe Umah shouldn`t do her usual "merging" business)

This topic is so big, old and messy why merge it...?

Umah Bloodomen
23rd Sep 2005, 01:37
This topic is so big, old and messy why merge it...?

Because it's a repetitive topic and better suited for one thread as opposed to five million and beats reading through a countless number of unnecessarily rude posts telling an individual there's a been five million topics like it already. :rolleyes: :p

Now if the Search Function was utilized a bit more, it would cut down on the "messiness" and save me the time and effort. ;)

Additionally, I have no problems explaining things to you or anyone else, however, it would be appreciated if your inquiries could be brought to my attention via private channels (PM's and/or email) so as not to detract from any given thread.

Thanks! :)

23rd Mar 2006, 08:10
I guess I am the newest member to join this club of action figure owners.

I bought the LOK toys namely KAIN & RAZIEL from cytoys.com

get it before they are totally gone :)

the kain one seemed new sealed and all...but the box seemed like raziel's ...ie.,,outer case....but the kain toy was new I guess with all the strapping to the back plastic etc...

the free raziel I got was an open package....little damage I guess...the joint of his bak and the top come loose sometimes...NOT BROKEN...but apparently the lok toys have a bad habit of the joints getting too loose once they are moved from mint condition.

I finally found a place to get the leutenant raziel...it arrives in around a week

total spent:: 30$ + 20$ shipping + 13$ customs :(....damn cytoys selected it as merchandise..... :( 81$ total for just raziel + kain. :eek:

and 30$ for leutant raziel incl shipping... :eek:

will post pics of all soon....I actually did post my kain + raziel one...will post the leut raz one.....

all I need is dumah to finish the collection :D


18th Jan 2012, 01:01
anyone still on this thread? I have all except LT. Dumah and I want him.

18th Jan 2012, 05:40
i only own - kain,raz,both neca raz's and lt raz....but i really wish they made lt dumah ^__^ or the other lt's in fact.

18th Jan 2012, 19:36
i only own - kain,raz,both neca raz's and lt raz....but i really wish they made lt dumah ^__^ or the other lt's in fact.

I agree!
I would have also loved them to release a BO2 Kain figure that would have been out of this world!
Has anyone else had an issue with their BBI Raziel figures, in that the wings somehow disintegrate? This has happened to one of mine, the others are okay though. (Sorry if this has been asked previously I tried to read through this thread and it is extreme).

19th Jan 2012, 03:57
my bbi raz's right wing tore off taking him out of my action figure box.
(it got snagged on another figure.) im going to glue it back into place though.

and one of my bbi lt raz's wing's peg doesn't fit properly in the hole in his back...so i keep them both off.


5th Dec 2013, 19:12
time to necro again as i've found another GEM :)

Source (http://www.sideshowcollectors.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89217&page=2)

i believe these are fan-made statues...but still awesome nonetheless!

Count D
5th Dec 2013, 21:20
Fan-made they are and they are the best LOK statues I've ever seen.

6th Dec 2013, 05:42
They certainly make the Neca ones look like the fan-made ones. Maybe not the Raziel ones from Neca, but certainly the Kain...

6th Dec 2013, 16:39
Those statues are very cool, majinkura. Good find.

8th Dec 2013, 12:11
Beautiful work s/he done on those... Very detailed, much better than the official ones (the only gripe I have like I said on FB that Raziel shouldn´t have white toes).

29th Dec 2013, 16:47
time to necro again as i've found another GEM :)

Source (http://www.sideshowcollectors.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89217&page=2)

i believe these are fan-made statues...but still awesome nonetheless!

OMFG, those are absolutely AMAZING!!

8th Jan 2014, 07:32
another raziel statue in progress has been found!!
(there is also another awesome statue in the gallery,its nemesis from RE3)

8th Jan 2014, 10:22
Oooh, how do you find these? :P awesome!

8th Jan 2014, 21:16
ha i was about to post that last sculpt :) it was posted in the legacy of kain clan on deviant art http://lokclan.deviantart.com/

9th Jan 2014, 07:23
Wow this is amazing I really can't wait to see it finished :D

17th Jan 2014, 21:02
no toy but close enough ^^,

source: http://freakyfeline.deviantart.com/art/Sculpture-of-Kain-142092013

18th Jan 2014, 20:51
Feels very much like the artist used the BBI action figure for reference :thumb: