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25th Jan 2004, 17:18
I've done some shopping for a new laptop lately.
I was thinking of getting a new one since my dell is 6 years old now.
I was thinking about getting a Voodoo 460 because it has a mobility ATI card and a 7500 rpm hard drive. Better to play games with you know. Expensive though at 3k. I've also seen that it weighs 7lb and 10 lb. Yikes.

However I have been informed by tech reps that by "06" only 3% of games will be made for the PC. The money is all about consoles.

I then thought what the heck, I'll check out Apple. Their laptops are light, strong and have "MS Word". I can save about 700$ and have a better laptop. If T3 sucks the way DX2 does then who needs it. I'll just keep my desk top for HL2 and T2.

25th Jan 2004, 17:27
It really depends on where you want to play games. On an airplane (in the pilot's seat) :eek: , on travel, in the office, or at home. I would never use a laptop for games myself owing to the limited possibilities of use, but that is just my personal opinion. Also, I do not like the laptop's keyboard. Since I usually use the "touch" approach and I have the desktop keys ingrained, switching to a laptop would definitely throw me off my game. But that is just a personal opinion. Plenty of people use laptops for their only computer, in which case I guess they adapt to it.

25th Jan 2004, 17:28
For what it's worth, my next laptop will definitely be an Apple - probably a 15" Powerbook, but the iBooks (which I use often at work) are also very nice.

My reasons - I tend to use desktop machines for gaming anyway, because laptops tend not to have what it takes at the edge anyway. So the laptop is used for writing on the road, for video editing and media stuff and so on, and the Mac just does all that stuff so much better, and with so much of the software built in, that for me it's a no-brainer to go for one as a laptop. I have a Windows machine at home for gaming...

And of course, the G5 laptops should be coming out reasonably soon...


Edit: PS and I were typing at the same time!
Edit: And consoles suck huge hairy... kiwi fruit. Yuk, and yuk again. Here's to the 3%!!

25th Jan 2004, 20:42
I've learned from experience... Never listen to a salesrep. PC games will NEVER die. Never slow down. Never deminish what so ever. And for this guy to tell you to buy something else because "he" thinks PC games are going out... he is a liar and not to be trusted.

If you want to buy a Laptop that has all the specs for PC games... you go right ahead. I have plenty of friends that play PC games on their Laptop. They enjoy it.. and it's convenient. And you can play wherever you want. I'm not up on how many games play on Mac's but if you're looking to play games more than other laptop things... then I'd stick with the PC Laptop. NEVER listen to the salesman. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. :D

Mr. Perfect
25th Jan 2004, 22:54
And never buy the extended warenty. :D

26th Jan 2004, 19:14
OK, I'll admit it.....I bought a laptop over the holidays. I like to game all over the house and so it suits me just fine. I admit that I was suckered in by the sales rep (I am weak!!!!) and bought a Toshiba Satellite with a 17 inch screen and I cannot remember what else. Strictly for gaming though. I KNOW..... I AM WEAK!!!! I realize that for the same amount of money I could have gotten a truly nice desktop. geez. :eek:

27th Jan 2004, 19:25
yes... but you can't take a desktop with you. go go gadgit... Laptop! :D

28th Jan 2004, 13:10
PC games will NEVER die. Never slow down. Never deminish what so ever.

you're fooling yourself if you think so. Back when I bought my first PC, you could walk into any EB or similar shop and find a full wall of PC games (with maybe one section for mac).

now, all too often, its the one section for PC games and the rest of the walls for consoles. Since I'm into both types, it doesn't bug me as much as it might others, but its a very obvious slowdown over the past 8 years. The consoles have gotten too powerful and, more than that, are much easier to program for (far less compatibility issues).

29th Jan 2004, 04:32
Naaahhh... I'll stick with my PC. You see, when Half Life 2, Doom 3 and other hotly anticipated titles hit, you'll hear everyone going, "Man, if you want to keep gaming, you'd better buy a PC."

These things go in cycles. They always have; they always will. I remember when people were telling me computer gaming was the only way to go... back in the days of the Atari consoles. Same thing when people told me computer gaming was dead when the Playstation first came out, and the Sega Genesis.

What I don't want to see is cross platforming. If you're going to make a console game, then make a console game designed for that platform, and don't cross it over to the PC without changing it to match a PC's specifications. Very rarely does this work well... "Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb" worked very well on the PC, for example. "Deus Ex: Invisible War" barely worked at all.

By changing a game to match it's platform, take "Halo" for example. The method of aiming your shots completely changed from X-box to PC, as it should have. Do this, and I'll buy the game; don't, and I'll avoid it like the plague.

29th Jan 2004, 05:15
Originally posted by Fafhrd
you're fooling yourself if you think so.


PC games will never die, and i'll tell you why. PC games exist because almost every house in America has a PC. you'd have to get rid of the PC to kill PC games. IT's just not going to happen.

I keep saying "Don't believe the hype". but noone listens. :D


4th Feb 2004, 13:57
die? no. They've already diminished though, that was my point.

4th Feb 2004, 17:45
Well the IBM T41p has a 7200 rpm HD and an ATI FireGL 128mb video card and it weighs under 6 lb's. ATI website says the card is for cad work but it is DX9. Do you think it would work as well as the ATI 9600? There are laptops made by Voodoo PC that have the fast HD and the ATI 9600 but they weigh 7 to 9 lb's.

Anyone know? Because I'll need my T3 and HL2 on the road.

4th Feb 2004, 22:10
Chief...have you tried getting some reviews on those two models? I'm an ATI user but don't know much about chips for laptops. I only know that ATI's 9600 is an older type and if you had the card instead...then you should have at least the Pro version of it. Don't know really anything about the other one...was it produced before the 9600? If so, then I would suggest the latter would be better since it would be newer. Have they both got a return policy...so you could try it/them...and test out to see how they would compare?

Fafhrd...yes your correct as to the amount of PC games being produced in recent times...and of course the consoles are working to catch up as to the number of/variety of games being offered...and the sad attempts of trying to crossplatform the two :( I'm with Squid 100% on this point!!!!! I will NOT buy these types either...and I don't care how good Xbox or any others try to make them like PC's...it ain't gonna work for me...not even if they somehow develope a keyboard/mouse attachment for the console. I will not or ever want a console in my home! So make me a good PC game made for a PC and I'll gladly buy it...as long as it's well made and a type of game I'd want to play, etc.

DON'T cross-platform please!!!!!!! Ta and Good Hunting!

5th Feb 2004, 00:30
I will not or ever want a console in my home!

Well, I only have 17 of them... which is far below the number that actually exist (circa 40)

certain games work better on certain systems. consoles generally do rpgs, platformers, and sports games better, PCs generally do rts, dungeon crawls (ie diablo), and first person (shooter/sneaker/whatever) games better.

there are exceptions, like knights of the old republic (couldn't pay me to get that on xbox, even if I had one), but the above are usually true.

5th Feb 2004, 02:19
Well I won't disagree that some games are probably better on a console..i.e. racing/sports (at least had been denoted in that regard in the past)..but disagree re: RPG's...afterall Diablo (Diablo II/Exp.) are RPG's :) As far as the other genres...with the upgraded power of CPU's/Vid cards...I don't think that will be exclusively better on consoles either now. And I still don't like the arcadey feel of a console (even if some of their graphics were thought to be better than a PC?). I question that as well as I think PC graphics are markedly better in the last couple/three years myself :) My oldest Son has a Playstation 2...so I am acquainted with consoles (much earlier he had an Artari as well).

So as far as I'm concerned...I don't even like the way they perform...racing games (he has motorcycle types) they just don't have a believable look...someone tagged it "floaty" and I think that describes some of the action very well that is undesirable for my taste. I don't get that same type of feel from a PC made game...I feel like I'm more connected within the gameplay...hard to describe but bottom line is still the same. NO CONSOLES...Ta and Good Hunting!

7th Feb 2004, 05:37
afterall Diablo (Diablo II/Exp.) are RPG's

sure, in only the sketchiest sense of the word. All you really do in any rogue-type game, no matter how primitive (ie nethack-esque) or advanced (ie diablo-esque) is kill monsters and get treasure. That does not an rpg make.

As far as the other genres...with the upgraded power of CPU's/Vid cards.

I don't mean graphics, I don't give a rat's behind about graphics as long as the game's good - I mostly mean controls, with the exception of rpgs.

examples - sports games and platformers (like Mario games) work better with the gamepads on the consoles (there's too much variation in pc gamepads to make any platformer universally comfortable on pc). ditto FPS games, gamepads suck for them, so they really belong on pc with the mouse/keyboard control. Ditto RTS games. I played warcraft (I think) on whichever console it was released on. Totally uncomfortable feel.

rpgs - rpgs are better on consoles because I prefer a highly story driven rpg, and there truly aren't that many of them of quality released on PC. Fallout 1 & 2, KOTOR, a couple others come to mind, and even KOTOR falls apart later on.
Reason? Most PC rpgs are highly non-linear (since they've classically had the "space" to be able to do so and consoles didn't) and, as such, the story is much harder to have gel together well. Console rpgs, while usually very linear, allow much better stories to come about. Admittedly, some people intensely dislike the linear aspect, but it depends on the story - a good story will make me not notice linearity.

I'm not trying to convince you to get a console or anything, just clarifying my position here, as my main hobby is games, so I tend to wax wordy about certain subjects with it.

8th Feb 2004, 01:12
Fafhrd...re: Diablo, etc. Well I disagree as far as it (series) is a sketchy RPG genre. Particularly the second/Exp as the story was much more expanded and all the elements of gaining experience/skills/weaponry/etc. to upgrade your character and then all the added elements (Runes/charms) for even more choices sure seems like an RPG to me :) But even if you say certain other RPG's offered more of a story(?) you still had to usually kill some kind of enemy(s) to reach an objective and the next level...so I don't see your point of the difference between them in your comments. Even my "Evolva" was an RPG but with the control of four characters ILO of just one...and although the story wasn't deep...it still had a story and was fun to play.

Another of my favorite genres are RTS's of which I have more than a couple :) I agree with you regarding the use of keyboard/mouse as well as for FPS's. However, I cannot find any ease of use for a controller. They are not comfortable for me and I don't have any use for twich controls or extended thumb use either (another item I don't like are thumb ball type controls). So I guess that's why I mostly don't want to have a console in addition to the other things I mentioned earlier.

For you and others that enjoy the use of them is of course your choice....and I know your not trying to convince me to have one...I'm just clarifying my reasons as to why I wouldn't care to have any :) Ta and Good Hunting!

8th Feb 2004, 02:11
ATI has released the Radeon 9700 Mobility (http://www.ati.com/companyinfo/press/2004/4731.html). I would even consider gaming on a laptop now. Power consumption would be a big hassle, though.

Originally posted by Fafhrd
Back when I bought my first PC, you could walk into any EB or similar shop and find a full wall of PC games (with maybe one section for mac).
When I walk into my local EB, the right wall is for PC games, left is for console games with a small section of DVDs, and the back wall holds pc software and used games from all platforms. The space in the middle of the store is used for budget PC games, misc hardware, game guides and the occasional display. Nothing here has changed over the last 3 years except for the small DVD section on the console side.

8th Feb 2004, 18:25
well, both of the eb's I have recent experience at (in two different states) had similar arrangements - 1-1/2 to 2 wall sections (say maybe 5 feet per section) for pc games, new & used. Most of one wall is PS2 (4 or 5 sections), with the other being split between xbox and gc (2 or 3 sections each). There's usually 1 section of gameboy, with some floor space devoted to older systems, dvds, other random junk. There really aren't usually significant floor racks though - lots of space.

both gamestops near me are very similar in that respect, as was the software etc. that I went to before I moved, and another, more local game store (both of the last had more floor racks devoted to old games, the new games were along the walls).

Maybe some of you live in a much more pc-hot area than I've been living in (Iowa and now Chicago area)? That must be the reason, since its been years since I've seen the whole side of a store devoted to pc games - probably not since the time of quake 2/starcraft at least.

Of course, there's the quality factor too - I'll admit that more commercially released PC games are quality games versus console games (by ratio anyway - there's ALWAYS a lot of crap released).

9th Feb 2004, 00:21
1) Laptops--I much prefer playing games on my desktop because of the "touch" issue mentioned by Peter Smith. However, I like to travel & being able to do something with my laptop other than get my email while sitting in a motel is great. I have trouble playing Thief because of the different keyboard & so limit myself to games that primarily use the mouse (i.e. Age of Empires).

2) Electronics Boutique--The local EB just recently scaled their PC game shelf space way back. A couple of months ago the entire back wall was PC games with budget PC titles & PC hint books taking up a lot of the space in the center of the floor. I went in the other day though & felt lost as it took me a couple of minutes to find the couple of shelves in a corner where the PC games had been hidden. Console stuff had taken over a lot of the "middle of the floor" space as well. The GameStop in the same mall still has a good amount of space devoted to PC games.

13th Feb 2004, 10:45
Desktops are better, but some of us do not have a choice. I live and work overseas in military environments - yeah, laptops are my only choice.

However, I do recommend investigating Pro-Star and Sager Notebooks. They use the exact same hardware that is in the Alienware machines.


Tend to be the cheapest, and they are reliable and durable. Always use the "web specials" type link. Tends to save you 75-100 dollars.

Take care,