View Full Version : Error Problem With Thief 2

25th Jan 2004, 08:23
ok, so i recently got myself a geforcefx 5700 ultra card.

now, wheneve i try to play thief2 or system shock, after the cutscene i get the error beep and a crash to desktop. the error message says:

direct3d device driver does not accurately report texture memory usage

anyone have any ideas on how to correct this? i got all the latest drivers for my card (53.03), and the card runs beautifully for every other game i installed.


nevermind. i now have the problem fixed with the safe_texture_memory addition to the cam.cfg file in system shock2. will make the same addition to thief 2.

thanks for your time.

27th Jan 2004, 02:17
You may have seen a fairly recent thread here reporting that 53.03 has this bug.


Perhaps an even better fix would be to revert to an older Nvidia driver. I don't know, but safe_texture_memory could involve a performance hit. Does anyone else know?