View Full Version : How does Lara do it??? I CAN'T!

23rd Jan 2004, 12:54
You know how Lara goes sliding on her feet down steep hills like she were skiing? I was out hiking yesterday and it was rather muddy... I came accross this 45° hill which was about 5 metres long.
So I tried to (for no apparent reason) do the Lara manoeuvre and slide down it. I could barely stay upright for the first 3 - 4 metres and then my back foot pivoted clockwise and I started to turn... SPLAT... I travelled the last metre or so on my backside! As I said, it was a very muddy hill, I had to spend the next SEVEN hours absolutely covered in the stuff as I did this over my college lunch break and it's a VERY long day. I was wearing woodland camoulage so the mud splats were suppressed a little... but...

So, if anyone saw an amused looking half-wit doing the backside-bobsed down a muddy hill yesterday, that was MEEEEEE!

I got some VERY strange looks when I arrived back at the college...

I need lessons off Lara, a qualified instructor!

Actually, it was very much like at the end of The Labrynth in TRC, when she goes sliding down that slope on her rear end. Good resemblance.

Strange boy...

23rd Jan 2004, 13:23
Omg, great story! Rotflmao

I have to try that sometime! When I have access to dry clothes! :D

THE True Lara
23rd Jan 2004, 23:40
The secret is to crouch slightly and lean back at the same time.

Full marks for effort though :D

24th Jan 2004, 07:41
10 points for trying dude funny

24th Jan 2004, 15:29
I remember when I used to go to this huge hill to sled every winter. It always ended up as mostly pure ice so you could go super fast, and if you fell you were in trouble. I remember that you could do a Lara-like slide down it on your feet and get pretty far if you kept your balance (avoiding random holes and bumps), so I would do that all the time. That was before I knew about Lara Croft though, and I don't go sledding anymore:(

Anyhow, nice story. I got a kick outta that one:D