View Full Version : Thank You For Japanese Voice Overs (FFXIV)

18th Aug 2013, 05:48
Thank you so much for this!

After watching the Cutscene just before going from town to town through the story quest, in Gridinia, watching it in both English VO's, and Japanese VO's, I'm happy to say my default VO's from now on in FF 14 will be Japanese, they just put so much more passion into their voice acting, than the English version does. I mean watching "that" battle scene, the English voice overs sounded as if they were just about to fall asleep or something,

Then... The Japanese voice acting came, and man, props... It almost sounded like an actual battlefield, where people would be screaming, yelling, etc.

Please don't remove this option in the future, best option ever. Look forward to seeing more Voiced Over cutscenes. Japanese voices definitely bring them to life.

26th Aug 2013, 15:55
I was lead to understand that cutscenes were dubbed. But I have absolutely no sound in those cutscenes besides the environment. I saw a thread where it was discussed but couldn't find it again. Any other having this problem? I checked the options, and nothing seems badly set.

26th Aug 2013, 16:05
So far I've only seen a select few cutscenes with VA and the rest have no sound. I'm not sure if they plan to add VA to the rest at a later date, but right now it seems like the majority don't have it.

26th Aug 2013, 16:33
I made it to level 10, I think, before I got a shock through my speakers - there was sound in cut scenes! Figured that was a bug, and kept on playing.