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22nd Jan 2004, 18:48
I am now the pround owner of an AMD 3200+ Barton!! Yay!!! 64-bits of taffing power baby!!! :D

I put it on an AOpen board with all the bells and whistles. On board LAN, on board AC '97 5.1 sound, and tons of USB expansion.

If you run one of these new processors though, you have to be sure to mate it with the right memory. It has to be DDR3200(400 mhz) in order for the CPU to run at 400 FSB.

I put a new vid card in... Geforce FX 128mb. I'm not sure how that stacks up, but it's light years beyond my Geforce 2. :p

So does anyone need some computer parts? lol. I have a P4 .17 with board, 512mb DDR2100, Geforc2 64mb DDR, Linksys 10/100 LAN card, mBoard, and case w/ 300W power supply. The case is brand-new, I have all the parts assembled. Just needs an HD, CD, and Floppy to make a complete system. PM me if interested. ;)

22nd Jan 2004, 20:24
Oh just throw us your scraps....taffer! :p

22nd Jan 2004, 20:37
hahhahaha :p

I gotta share the wealth right? :D

22nd Jan 2004, 22:18
OH YEAH! That's what i'm talkin 'bout. Sweet system dude. You gotta love the new speed action. btw... what chipset are you using? Nforce 2 is the best so far.. IMHO.

Name a price for the old system. I might be interested for a friend.


23rd Jan 2004, 00:57
The Nforce2 is sweet. My board is an AOpen AK-79D 400 Max. It's one of the best boards available right now, and one of the few supporting Barton.

23rd Jan 2004, 00:58
Sounds sweet enough. I want to upgrade, but will probably wait until T3... or maybe HL2? I may also look into a laptop for the summer. :cool:

23rd Jan 2004, 01:29
it Tiz a nice board, but a $110 is pretty pricey. Although it does have RAID, so i guess that's where the extra $$ is. BTW... almost ALL DDR Socket A boards support Barton CPUs. Don't believe the hype. :D

23rd Jan 2004, 01:36
Barton yes... not the 3200 64 bit


Yes, just about every manufacturer DOES have a model to support the 400FSB, with about 6 or 7 variations of that model. It's just that right now there isn't much to choose from. In about 6 months I'm willing to bet we will see much more. ;)

23rd Jan 2004, 03:46
I got your emails... I'll send them to my friend and see what he things. thx :D

23rd Jan 2004, 04:00
10-4 good buddy.... hheeyuck! :p ;)

Mr. Perfect
23rd Jan 2004, 05:23
Erm... So is it a Athlon XP Barton or a Athlon 64 Clawhammer? The Bartons are regular old 32 bits.

23rd Jan 2004, 08:12
Looks like the prices are coming down again. Nice drop from 2 months ago. :D
Athlon64 3200 (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=627472&Sku=CP2-A64-3200)

Although the FX-51's are still skyin'. :p
Althon64 FX-51 (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=627474&Sku=CP2-A64-FX51)

23rd Jan 2004, 16:29
My bad, it is not 64bit.... The *&^#$*&^# that supply my dealer lied. :mad:

It is the 400FSB though, and outperforms the P4 3.0 according to the bench tests.... I can live it that.;)

My board will support the 64 bit too apparently, so there's always the future! :D

23rd Jan 2004, 23:25
I hope you didn't pay more than $50 over the going price. :rolleyes: If so... i'd take it back or get a discount.

BTW... Isn't it true that the new Athlon64 chips are either Socket 754 or 940? If so, it seems that they won't work on Socket A (468).... or do they?

Don't believe the hype.

Mr. Perfect
25th Jan 2004, 00:31
Right, the 64 bit chips use a diffrent socket then the XPs. I'd loook real hard at that motherboard too. I suspect it's not 64bit compatible.

Oh, and the FX chips wont come down in price much. AMD is targeting them at gamers and high end systems, and will actually stop making the slower FXs rather then price them lower. They're keeping them as their "premium" chip.

25th Jan 2004, 02:25
Hey Rommel, i hope you don't think we're cutting you down... it's just if some salesman told you this stuff, then he lied. I'm just trying to steer you in the right direction so you can take your case to this guy and throw it at him. :D

Anyway... nice rig. I only have a 2500 Barton, and even tho it goes to 400Hz... there is a delay with the ratio 333:400, so I clock mine to a 2800 @ 2.0. not bad. 333:372 runs much smoother/stable.

26th Jan 2004, 05:05
Yeah, everyone lies so much... why do they lie? :mad:

The price seemed kinda low for the stuff... oh well. I didn't get taffed totally. I realized later that the 64 bits are a different socket. My sales guy doesn't keep on tabs with the new stuff as he should be... Guess I'm not either! Ha! :p

I've been a Pentium user forever, so that's what I know. These darn AMD's.... lol I love em though! :D