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20th Jan 2004, 12:39
I am trying to complete "The Enterprise" mission in this series. However, I can not find "The Master's Key" anywhere. I can not find anywhere else in the mission that I have not looked. Has anyone completed this that would be willing to offer me a hint? Heck, I'd be happy with a straight up spoiler at this point.

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20th Jan 2004, 13:33
Welcome to the forum, Ceyko! As for The Enterprise, have you gone into the auditorium and looked up? That's a start on how to get to the Master's Key.

If you need a more help, read here. This is a TOTAL SPOILER so beware!

Go around back behind the stage, smash the boards and climb the ladder to the ceiling. Jump the gap and go through the door at the back then down a ramp. Follow the passageway and smash the boards across another door. Follow the passageways (watch out for the mines) When you come to what seems like the end, look for a wooden ledge on the left. Get up onto it, turn into another passageway and walk to the water at the end.

Jump in, swim down and over to the hole in ceiling in the corner then up to the surface. You need to get up into the doorway on the south side. Outside, there's a large flooded room. (You can also get to this room by riding the big freight elevator down after you've turned on its power.)

Get down into the water and over to the west side, where you'll see a body lying on a landing in front of a set of doors. Dive down under that landing and go through a hole in the floor. Follow the flooded passageways to the end, climb up and you'll be in a room with a large wooden scaffolding in the center.

Rope arrow to the top, go through the doorway on the north side and drop down into a machinery room. Look behind the metal divider on the west side of the room and you'll see a boarded over hole in the floor. Smash it, drop down into the room below and you'll find your missing key. :)

20th Jan 2004, 13:43
Thanks for the assist...I was soooo darned close, but missed the boarded up hole I guess. Ah well, I'm off to get the key.

Thanks again!!


21st Jan 2004, 00:52
Ceyko....haven't I seen you somewhere before? :) Like a couple of years ago you were a member to this forum? Couldn't be two of you, so in that case, glad to see your still in a Thief's cape and carrying...LOL So how have you been and what have you been up to all this time???? Welcome back and have you been playing the many FM's that have become available in recent times?

Catch ya later and Good Hunting!

21st Jan 2004, 03:11
Hey Huntress,
I used to be a taffer with the nic of Ceyko_TX. Been working in various places in the middle-east as a contractor so I have been keeping a low profile. However, I had to get some Thief going again so I am trying to participate a bit again where I can. Plus, I can not believe how good the FMs are these days. I really have been missing out.

In regards to the FMs...I have just started back up. Played Relic: Left for Dead and am playing 2 others.

Thanks for the hello...

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