View Full Version : Stuck in Strahov Fortress

19th Jan 2004, 11:08
Can anyone help me.

I am right near the end of the Strahov Fortress level. I've blown up the gas canister to set the spool rolling and dispose of the mines.

But now I can't get past the beams.

Stella's walkthrough says to commando crawl under them, but the first one is too low.

Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?

Cheers dudes.


19th Jan 2004, 11:52
Commando Crawl works.

Are you sure you are not just crawling?

19th Jan 2004, 13:01
I reckon I might be, not seen a commando crawl, how do you do that on a PS2?

19th Jan 2004, 14:14
Sorry, I'm on a PC. It's described in my manual for the PC. It's probably described in your manual for PS2.

19th Jan 2004, 14:55
Your probably right, I tell ya if I had a brain I'd be scary :D

As it happens i have found the control instructions at Stella's site.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction ;)

20th Jan 2004, 21:06
go into crawl and press either R2 or L2 to comando crawl on PS2.