View Full Version : new and my thoughts on AOD

18th Jan 2004, 05:59
hey whats up everyone i beat it awhile ago
heres my thoughts
first lets me just say that this is my first PS2 / ps TR game i played the others on PC but according to others on here that played PC im glad i didnt get it

i liked them and im use to using the keyboard.. i also like the camera on this one how you can change it unlike it always being cenetered on the older ones.. and having using the joystick besides the d-pad is alot better

it seems like from reading the older threads alot of people had bugs and problems that i didnt have. besdies the lag at some parts like when you first get on the roof and some other places but not to much where it froze i never had that problem

i loved some well most levels like hall of seasons and the bio research level and i like how on the levels how htere were different ways when you interacted with people. i also the the urban levels like the muesums (SP?) i like how they started it out more urban then as you go one you get back into caves and types of tombs

i dont like him i think i would like him if i could use that thing of his but you cant which sucks but iono its just something bout him but i liked how they put him in the storyline

overall i really like this TR game the storyline gameplay and graphics are good but some minor bugs