View Full Version : KALI multiplayer anyone?

17th Jan 2004, 21:41
Anyone else here have KALI to play Startopia online? I really don't like Gamespy, and have been online every night looking for Startopia games. If anyone wants to play, let me know.

For anyone who doesn't know about KALI, it is back from the dead.

18th Jan 2004, 02:02
I have never played a multiplayer game before, but I'll admit I am intrigued...

I've been playing Startopia off and on since the product first came out. I read a little clip about it in PC Gamer and picked it up next time I was at the store and have just loved the game. Of all the games I own, it's the only one I have consistently gone back to over and over. I love the fact that people are still putting out custom missions and only recently found this online community and decided to poke around. I've played all the missions several times now and some sandbox games.

When you play a multiplayer game, what kind of game is it normally, a physical fight to the finish kind of game?