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17th Jan 2004, 11:56
You veterans probably already knew this, but it was a shock to me.

I had loaded my savegame from the end of The Hives level of Unfinished Business to check on a problem someone had reported with Glidos and Unfinished Business. I played through the end credits and the Title Screen came back on. Just for kicks I started a New Game.

I was trying to look up at the stars in the sky at the beginning of the first level and accidently fell into the water. I swam out as quickly as possible and turned to shoot the crocodile.

The default weapon Lara drew was the UZIs! I was shocked. She also had the Shotgun and the Magnums, in addition to the Pistols, and since there were no ammo counts, apparently unlimited ammunition.

I tried the same thing with the original Tomb Raider I levels. Sure enough, after going through the end credits and then immediately starting a New Game, Lara had all weapons and unlimited ammo. On this game I had found all of the secrets. I don't know if that would have made a difference.

Since this is obviously part of Core Design's Master Plan, it's not cheating, but it sure makes possible a fun run through the game.

I played through the geme to the Lost Valley. I wanted to try all of the weapons on the T-Rex. I had never been able to kill the T-Rex in the open with the pistols. But with the Shotgun, the Magnums, or the Uzis, it was fairly easy.

I discovered something else interesting when using the Shotgun, on a run where Lara ran into the ground level cave entrance (the safe place when all she has is pistols). Using the Shotgun and getting a lock on the T-Rex, Lara kept firing, even when the T-Rex was not visible. As she moved closer to the entrance, I could see the T-Rex to the side, and it was taking damage (blood spurts) and soon died, even though Lara was not aiming at it beyond her initial lock. Strange.

With all of the other weapons, Lara stopped firing when the T-Rex was not in view.

After killing the T-Rex and the last two raptors in the open, it was nice to explore all of the nooks and crannies of the Lost Valley, knowing that no more dinosaurs were going so show up.

I will be glad when Gambit37's spectacular High Res Texture project for use with Glidos is completed for the Lost Valley.

17th Jan 2004, 16:44
This also works in TR2 and TR3. :D

26th Jan 2004, 12:58
I just finished my run through Tomb Raider I with All Weapons and Unlimited Ammo.

Lara still had all of her weapons at the beginning of Natla's Mines. That's one of the things I wanted to check out.

All went well until I got to Atlantis to the room that has the Third Secret. As you enter the room three mutants activate. I don't remember having a problem previously killing those three mutants without Lara taking any damage.

I was using the Uzi's, but all three mutants were all over Lara before even the first of them blew up. They didn't just stand off and throw whatever it is they throw -- they all rushed at once. And Lara cannot survive such an encounter.

The only way I found for Lara to survive was to back into the room to trigger the mutants and then run out and jump back to a pillar in the lava pool. From there I was eventually able to kill the mutants.

It seems that it takes at least twice as many shots with a weapon to kill a given enemy in the All Weapons game as in a regular game. And it is even worse with the Giant Mutant at the beginning of The Great Pyramid.

I had savegames from a previous regular game and from this All Weapons game that put Lara there with the Mutant.

With the Shotgun it took 30 shots regular, 61 shots All Weapons to kill the Mutant.
The Magnums took 98 rounds regular, but about 580 rounds All Weapons.
The Uzis took 190 rounds regular, but about 1200 rounds All Weapons. Unbelievable.

By the time you get to Atlantis, you have all the weapons anyway, and more than enough ammo to kill everything in sight.

I don't recommend trying the All Weapons and Unlimited Ammo game!