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16th Jan 2004, 03:13
Now there won't be any Startopia 2, unless the creators kept the rights to the game. Who owns the rights, Eidos or the programmers?

Sorry to see yet another game company that created fun, unique (in a weird sort of way) PC games. I was loading up Startopia earlier, but now I think I'm too depressed to play it.

First, there was Origin, then Bullfrog, now Muckyfoot. WTH is happening to all PC development houses? It used to be a big business, but now it looks like all these "nintendo kiddies" are grown up and just buying PS2 and other consoles. Some of my favorite places to go buy PC games used to be Electronics Boutique, Babbages, Game Stop, and little stores like that. Now they only have ONE WALL, if that much with PC games. The stores are 3/4 full of crappy console games and plastic figurines from the games and movies! All junk!

Please tell me I won't have to buy a console in the future to play games! I never had a console because those games never entertained me as much as unique PC games.

16th Jan 2004, 03:53
Black Isle Studios was closed down this month as well (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, etc.). :(

Phat Dr Robeatnik
16th Jan 2004, 18:59
The games industry sucks nowadays. Developers dont get enough money, time or creative freedom to create the games they want.

And then when they create a masterpiece most publishers stick to advertising only their big brand games.

Originally posted by Wile_E
Now there won't be any Startopia 2, unless the creators kept the rights to the game. Who owns the rights, Eidos or the programmers?

Guy Simmons ( An ex-director of Mucky Foot) told me on the Staropia IRC channel that he owns the rights to Startopia.

So we may still see a sequel yet :)

17th Jan 2004, 20:51
Black Isle is gone too? Sure enough, I checked some news stories that say the team is gone. But it looks like the "company" itself is still around. So they just have a new team now?

18th Jan 2004, 01:57
From Gamasutra:

Various Internet postings from Black Isle Studios employees have indicated that the company’s Fallout 3 (aka Van Buren) PC project has been cancelled by publisher Interplay, with all team members being made redundant.

Although the makers of such hardcore PC RPG classics as Fallout, Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale have seen a steady brain drain away from the company in recent years the primary reason for the company’s demise is the various financial woes that have hit its parent company Interplay.

Legal wrangles with both Dungeons & Dragons owners Wizards of the Coast and distributor Vivendi Universal Games have lead the publisher to concentrate all future work on console led titles, essentially closing the studio.

19th Jan 2004, 17:13
bah...EA is currently owning the market...well ever since the sims came out *shudders*

21st Jan 2004, 00:02
Well, EA is getting very big, though that is a good thing becuase sooner or later International Trade Laws regarding competition will come into effect essentialy telling EA to become smaller allowing more games developers to set up peacefully and not be bought out and re-distrubutred after thier first title

This also happened to Microsoft last year. They controlled too much of their market and were told to relinquish some of it to allow compotition that's why, I think, they spread some economic muscle into the console market, ergo Xbox.

On a seperate note: The sims was somewhat good and I am eagerly awaiting the sims 2, my only problem is the cash-cow culture spread by EA and the idiots who fall for it. What is it now, 9 expansions? :rolleyes:

21st Jan 2004, 11:21
You forgot Software Refinery in there, they went bust and the Hardwar community hasn't heard a peep out of them since. With the original staff's support, the fan base could have got much further with their mods and sequel aspirations. I like the fact that Mucky foot look like they are staying with the fan base, so those who pick up Startopia can still have all their greivances solved.

Oh, and EA should be shot.