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16th Jan 2004, 01:23
I just bought Thief: Gold and installed it...When I clicked on Start Training after clicking on New Game, I watched the movie and clicked continue...After it loaded, all of the sudden I get the error sound and Thief Gold crashes, every time I do this this happens...
System specs:
Windows 98
GeForce FX 5200 Ultra AGP 128 MB
Athalon II AMD 751 MHz processor

Could too advanced of stuff for this game be a problem?

16th Jan 2004, 01:32
Originally posted by Nosferatu

Could too advanced of stuff for this game be a problem?

No! I have run the game on systems from 486 to AMD 1800+ and Win98 to XP with more powerful systems.

If it is a new install, you might do the following. Run: SFC. Start-Run-SFC-OK.

If you have a corrupted system file this app will alert you so you can reinstall it from your installation CD or discs.


1. Kill all background apps with Cntl-Alt-Del. Leave explorer Not IE but MSexplorer, and Task Panel.
2. Clean out all the tmp files with FIND *.TMP delete
3. Stop your screensaver.
4. Start the game.

If that does not work, then uninstall TGOLD and reinstall it. Sometimes the load does go bad.