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12th Jan 2004, 03:29
I am at Castle Carlysle and unable to find
the way to Anglewatch. There is a door in Castle Carlysle but I dont have the key.
Any suggestions?

12th Jan 2004, 06:46
You need to continue to the north to find Angelwatch.

If you are in fact at Carlysle then pass the greenhouse. Rope arrow up to the window above your head in the corner. Inside is a guard and the armoury.

To open the door (the key is at Angelwatch) you need an explosive. If you have been taking your time and checking things out you should have one.

If not it is in the Astronomers attic, where you were last week.

Put it against the door and hit it with a fire arrow.

I reccomend a QS before you shoot the arrow. I won't tell you why. You'll see soon enough.

13th Jan 2004, 00:26
I would suggest however, that you do not pass the greenhouse all together. There's a small spider inside which you can kill with your broadarrow...then there are one or two goodies inside which can be useful later :) Heh, just stand back and partly behind something when you shoot that fire arrow :D If you didn't find that other item at the Astronomer's and you can't get back there for it...you will need to get the key...by then however, it won't be much use to you as getting the items first on your way to Anglewatch :( Ta and Good Hunting!

13th Jan 2004, 01:25
Originally posted by Huntress
There's a small spider inside which you can kill with your broadarrow...

Huntress, I'm surprised at you. After all this time? the spider is harmless and does not and will not attack Garrett. It is a family pet.

14th Jan 2004, 00:00
LOL, ya GOT me tBm...guess I forgot about that little critter in that instance ;) But me being me...I don't like them no how, no way....soooo...the sound of twang as it leaves my bow still gives me a certain pleasure :D Ta and Good Hunting!~