View Full Version : Tomb Raider AOD

12th Jan 2004, 02:18
40 bucks for what? Lousy controls. It says you have controller options but you don't. Grapics ain't that hot. Freezes up. Bugs. Strenth increases. A punching bag by the door is just a weak cover up for pushing a switch. I'm a TR fan from the start but if this is what EIDOS is putting out I'm leaving. It was nice to see a new TR game but they should have put the time in to make it right or not put it out for sale. Yeah, it's the first on a new platform but first impressions keep or lose customers. I 100 % feel like I wasted my money.

12th Jan 2004, 02:26
We all know how you feel. Believe me, you're not the first to feel like you've been ripped off. There's been plenty others.

Core got TR taken way from them because of the kind of job that they did for AOD. I guess you'll be hapy for that? :confused:

Crystal Dynamics is in the hot seat now, since they're in charge of making TR. Let's hope that they'll do a better job.

Kurtis Blade
13th Jan 2004, 15:45
I understand your complains, but if you have a ps2 there was already told that it were lousy controls and the graphics are fine to me but OK that's me, and I, also, hope that the bugs and things like that will be fixed in the next tomb raider series.