View Full Version : Have the controls for close combat been cleared yet?

11th Jan 2004, 19:21
I did many searches and found few threads relating to hand-to-hand combat. I want to perform the 360 kick but i can't do it :(. how do u do it? Is there a SPECIFIC way u hit ctrl and the arrow keys or something? if anybody knows exactly can u be specific?

Thanks!! :D

12th Jan 2004, 03:10

12th Jan 2004, 18:50
its quite difficult. basically you do three kicks in a row, and you do a kick by holding down action, not just tapping it (tapping makes you do a punch). however, the slow responsing controls makes it difficult to kick

12th Jan 2004, 19:12
Normaly when I fight in aod I press and release action all the time. Then she does all 4 ways of attacking: single hit, double hit, kick and combo kick. How to do that last one: I still don't know. There have been some topics about it but I never found the answer.

12th Jan 2004, 22:15
Yeah it's really weird. Cause first I thought you had to push up (move forward) on the arrow keys while holding action but that didn't work. I tried everything mentioned in other posts but no luck :(

Is this kick not happening because I am not doing the correct key combo or because the overall combat is sluggish and difficult to achieve (which wouldn't be my fault but the game's in general)? Or BOTH probably?

I tried to get my hands on the manual (which i don't have) but from what I heard from others is that the manual isn't any good either. it just gives u the basic info: 1 tap =punch. 2 tap =double punch. HOLD =kick. It doesn't say how to do the triple kick combo.