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10th Jan 2004, 04:04
Hello again. Im looking for help with my friend's computer. It is an older machine, its a AMD K6 500Mhz, with 128 Megs of RAM, (after I just put in another 64Meg card) and a voodoo 3 2000 AGP, with Driver 3DFX16v3.drv version 4.11.0001.1204. Hmm, I cant thinkwhat else to tell you, oh, I upgraded Direct X to 9.0b and the operating system is Windows 98. Ok, he complained to me of his internet running slow. He has dial-up, a 56k, ESS Technologies Es56-P1 Data Fax Modem. He brought his machine to me and I took a look and took the actions I wrote above. Now, it seems to me that webpages that feature a lot of pictures, or gifs, or images, ect. are really slow in that when you scroll up and down, there is a huge ammount of lag. Webpages with mostly text run fine. So, Im thinking its his video card, which is why I upgraded his drivers and Direct X. I also ran a skandisk, and defrag on his computer, I removed all useless programs, and he is now using less than 2 gigs of his 12 gig hard-drive. There are no programs running while on the net, so what's slowing him down? What changes do I make to fix the problem? Thanks again!

10th Jan 2004, 04:48
G'day Specter

You omitted one crucial fact - which browser? I'm assuming probably Internet Explorer. It may well be worth downloading Netscape (free) or Opera (free, ad supported) and seeing whether the behaviour is the same.

The other thing is whether he has a dud ISP connection or bad phone lines between his place and the (forget the word for that phone junction building thingy). But if the behaviour was the same dialing up from your place with your ISP (assuming it's different), that can probably be ruled out.

And one other thing to try is - are there other applications, like word processors or spreadsheets, where scrolling is slow/messy, especially if they contain images. PDF documents in Acrobat Reader would also be prime candidates. You'd expect that if it was a video card problem, I think.

Not sure what else you could try, but hopefully this is useful.


10th Jan 2004, 05:00
what resolution is your friend using cuz I have had the problem before where my web pages would scroll up extremely slowly and other things on the web page would slow down as well but when I changed resolutions it would be fixed idk just a though If I think of anything I'll let ya know :)...

10th Jan 2004, 07:33
You assume correctly Bravus, we were using IE 5.0. As for him being at my house using my ISP, you are also correct. His ISP and my ISP are the same, so I was on his account, using my line. I didnt think to try different applications, I'll try that tomorrow, but my gut feeling right now is that it is a graphics problem. Other than updating the drivers (which I did) and getting a new card, what else can be done to fix that particular problem, if it is indeed that?

Arkane, I tried lowering the resolution, but it had no affect that I saw. I would have assumed the same, that it would make a difference, but it doesnt appear so in this case.
Thank you both for your replies.

11th Jan 2004, 04:40
If you set IE's options to disable "Show pictures" and enabled "Show image placeholders", do the graphically polluted web pages (now without the graphic file downloads) load as quickly as the text-only web pages?

Under Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Settings, which cache mode is selected (under "Check for newer ...")? If the connection is cable or DSL, you'll probably want "Every visit". If a dial-up, you'll probably want "Automatically".

Under advanced options, does your friend have the option enabled to purge the temp file cache on exit from IE? That means all the graphic files that were downloaded before for a page will have to get downloaded again on the next visit to the same page. For dial-up, you probably do not want this option enabled.

Does your friend have anti-virus software? Many will also filter HTTP data streams checking for baddies coming through a browser connection. Try disabling the anti-virus software and see if there is a speed change.

Does your friend visit the same web pages over and over? Or does he surf around? If always browsing to the same domains, it is possible the file server from where the graphic files get uploaded for the linked images is slow or busy. Other than ***** to them, you can't do anything to speed up graphic file transfers since you get them only as fast as the file server proffers them.