View Full Version : Sorry if this has been asked before...

8th Jan 2004, 05:47
but anyone know the "word" thingy that you put on "run program" so you can see your computer specs...?? cuz i just got my computer working after about 5-6 months and i just downloaded a driver to my vid. card, and id like to see all the details....anyone?

and also, what stuff has been going on? any big news thingys happen about tomb raider 7 or as such? okay...ill be here...

8th Jan 2004, 07:05
The command is dxdiag

8th Jan 2004, 15:33
and Goran saves me yet again! thanks, i know i asked you that about 100 times...i have bad memory :D

thanks again!

so...no news breaks lately????