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7th Jan 2004, 22:18
Ok another question (Multiplayer game):

Does anyone know whats up with the medic ships ? Is there anything that triggers who get the medic ship other than clicking faster than your enemy ?

I have BattleCom running with my friend during playing the game and i got the info about a medic ship some seconds (10 or so) before he got it. But when i accepted i got an info that the ship already docked elsewhere. 10 secs later my friend gets the shipinfo.. accepts and he gets it... (he hosts the game)

there are 3 things we could imagine:
- depends on the "Station-Like-barometer" (that thing that looks like a clock in the overview)
- could be a synchro error
- better medical station (but doesn't seem to be because our stations are almost equal, 2diagnosis, 1 medimat, 2 Greys)


8th Jan 2004, 18:58
The number and skill of your Targs and number of working Sat Comms will effect the speed your Targ's will decode messages (and spot flares, and spot incoming meteors, etc)

As for the "already docked elsewhere" when it can't be - I dunno. Possible a sync error. But I've accepted when I've not had a sick bay quite built before . . . so don't think it's a quality thing.

As for your "Station-Like-barometer" I assume you mean the popularity pie-graph thing? I don't think that should effect it either.

But, tbh, I'm only speculating, no solid answers.

8th Jan 2004, 20:00
Thx 4 your answer.. i meant the "pie-thing" or popularity graph :).
The interesting thing is that he got the same message later than i but he got the ship not me... i accepted much earlier ?!

Here are some other things that occur:

- if he get a Zedem and this one builds a temple at his station it seems that i can't build a temple anymore. The other way works fine (i got the first temple.. then his Zedem builds another one at his station.

- sometimes i get the medical accidents but i am never charged 1000 or the whole 10000 extra cash. strange thing.


9th Jan 2004, 12:09
This looks like it goes a bit deeper than a synchro error. I think this could be a problem with your script; back-up your user file, uninstall StarTopia, then reinstall StarTopia. And post up your technical specifications (I'm no expert, but someone who is might spot it).

9th Jan 2004, 12:14
hmm dont think it is like this. my system is pretty clean and up to date :).

in single player it works fine... i'll try to gather some more information :)


9th Jan 2004, 12:57
There could have been a faulty install, or possibly your disk is flawed... Have a look in the 98 folder, that should clear it up. And if a visitor of your opponent's dies, you don't get charged - even if the visitor in question was killed by your doctors! As for the Zedem Monks, I really have no idea...