View Full Version : TS2 - PS2 version keyboard and mouse compatible?

Half Ajar
7th Jan 2004, 22:07
Just a quick question, since I'm buying it within a few days. Playing FPS with a controller doesn't compare to a K&M, and since some PS2 games have that feature I was hoping that Timesplitters does as well.

The Skeletor
7th Jan 2004, 22:43
No, I am so sorry it does not, But I truly wish it did, being a fan of the Quake games and (Unreal Tournament PS2 ver does support mouse and keyboard, oh, oh, oh and Half life does also) But not Timesplitters 1&2 Why????????

7th Jan 2004, 22:58
But dont worry, Every button is configuable so you can choose they way you move (most importantly) and things like changing weapons

Defenitly customize your controls!!!

And a tip, but something on R3 and L3, really usefull

8th Jan 2004, 17:52
Originally posted by Tijdsplijter
Defenitly customize your controls!!!

For shure! You see, I am used to the aiming system that was in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. I was very good at using the joystick and C buttons at the same time. But with the double joystick setup that came default for Timesplitters 2, it was all backwards for me. I'm so glad that I was able to set things straight.

And a tip, put something on R3 and L3, really usefull
Thats weird for me actually, I never used L3 and R3. But whatever works for you I guess. :D

Half Ajar
9th Jan 2004, 10:50
Ah well, that sucks about the keyboard and mouse. I doubt I'll customize the default controls unless they are really hard to get used to, cos it'll be a lot quicker to get games started over my mates house.

Thanks anyway :D

The Skeletor
9th Jan 2004, 15:42
The only thing I change is the weapons switch, That way I can still strafe while changing from the rocket launcher when they move right in on ya!( Damn back blast!!)