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6th Jan 2004, 20:53
Due to being very busy in RL, I've decided not to participate in Komag's Contest 5. Because of the complexity of the mission I'm working on for it, I would hate to have to rush it to get it done on time, and wind up releasing a mission that's either buggy and/or not as full-featured as I'd like. This way I can take my time and make sure it has everything I'm planning and works properly. I can also not be constrained by the size limits of the contest rules.

Given that, I can now reveal what I'm working on. In the same vein as Komag's Mind Master and Dark Arrow's Thievery, I'm bringing the classic logic game Clue into the Thief universe.

A brief synopsis of the storyline:
Your old friend Reginald Boddy, who went through Keeper training with you, and who also left them for different reasons, is throwing a party and has invited you. Reg left the Keepers and became a semi-legitimate businessman, and made a fortune in the process. His parties are always interesting, as his circle of friends is a small but eclectic mixture of people from academia and business, as well as the "underground".

You show up fashionably late, as usual, to find the grounds swarming with bluecoats as well as Boddy's personal guards. You manage to overhear the tragic news that one of the guests has murdered Reg, and escaped with the murder weapon. You decide to slip inside the mansion and figure out whodunnit. It's the least you can do for your old friend...

You must deduce who the murderer is, what murder weapon was used, and in which room Reg was killed. Since the perpetrator has fled the grounds with the murder weapon, this involves determining which suspects and weapons are still present in the mansion (and thus determining the murderer and murder weapon through a process of elimination), and finding out where the body is located. So in most cases, you'll have to manage to make it into nearly every room in order to determine the solution.

Some of the features:
1. A control room, where you start, is where you make your selections for suspect, weapon and room, and then find out if you're correct or not.

2. The solution is randomized each time you restart the mission - meaning this will be the first FM with virtually unlimited replay value. This is thanks in large part to our illustrious Gaylesaver and his custom scripts (including a new one he's writing just for this mission).

3. Difficulty levels range from freedom to KO suspects and kill guards on Normal to forced ghosting (no alerting of AI's) on Expert.

4. An alarm system triggered whenever a suspect or guard spots you (which obviously fails the mission on Expert).

5. You will able to select the ambient music from several choices (or turn it off if you choose), similar to the PA system in A Thief's Holiday.

6. New Garrett-comments to identify when you spot a suspect or weapon, to make it a little easier.

7. For my fellow FM developers, I'm hoping for a simultaneous release of a Clue MDK (mission development kit). This will include things like Word docs of my plans and notes, scans of my hand-drawn maps, all the little test missions where I worked out how to make things work (there's a huge amount of work behind the scenes to randomize the solution and placement of all the other objects), etc.

Here are some very preliminary screenshots of a few rooms (which are still under heavy construction)...




And the six suspects...



Watch my signature for progress. Please offer any comments and suggestions in this thread as well.

6th Jan 2004, 22:16
LOL Yandros...it's difficult to understand how you manage to get done with anything seeing what your currently envolved with! Where in heavens name do you get the time for RL??? :D Then to top it off you want to make an enormous game with a TUT to boot...good luck Taffer ;) I'm sure that many will be very interested in your project whenever it does come to pass and I wish you the very best in your quest! Taff on Builder :) Ta and Good Hunting!

7th Jan 2004, 01:51
Sounds like fun, Yandros. I hope you include an instruction manual. :)

7th Jan 2004, 21:15
Heh heh, the readme will use the "overkill" approach to explaining how to play the mission.

9th Jan 2004, 02:41
Yandros you ol' jack rabbit you! :D

Haha... I was kinda looking forward to playing your contest mission as I knew you had something fun and original to give us, but now I am glad you are giving your idea the time and attention it deserves.

That light bulb must have made a right old "ping" when it popped. Such a simple (not to impliment ofcourse) and effective idea. I wanted to do a murder mystery noir mission, but my scripting tallents have about as much worth as a boy bands dance routine! :p

I enjoyed a nice romp through your winter retreat a few nights ago, and found myself trying to hug that Christmas tree ( :o ). Loved the multi-player music center, and the choices themselves. Was hoping to catch up on my reading by the fire thought. Oh well... I had fun all the same.

Builder bless thy room brushes! :cool: