View Full Version : Well good freakin' gracious me! Look who's back!!!

6th Jan 2004, 15:48
Allz I gotz to say is, Microshaft stinks. I don't completely know why, but I have not been able to register or login or anything to that effect for at least the past two years. I've missed out on quite a bit, I can see. Tell you what, it's really nice to see so many familiar faces around here. Sneak, Munin, yubetcha, Grey Mouser, theBlackMan, Peter Smith, Huntress, Optik, Rommel, Bravus, Old Man, Tin Star, Screech, Vanguard, howie, and anyone else I've forgotten or haven't seen here yet, the list could go on and on. Incredible. I'm just glad to see everyone's still here. I'm also ashamed to say, I never actually completed the first Thief game, a travesty which I intend to correct very soon. Feel free to blackjack my punk-rawk noggin until satisfied that I have paid my penance.


6th Jan 2004, 16:49
How Dee Doo Doo Dude! How goes the musical life? Is the band still together or have you regrouped?

6th Jan 2004, 17:29
Nice to meet you Brother_Avalon. I have been taffin in here for the past year and a half I think. I live in IN but have relatives in Tallahassee. They harrass me endlessly about how warm it is there and how blasted cold it is in Indiana today. I vacation near Panacea/St. Georges Island/Apalachicola areas a lot and enjoy all the seafood there.

6th Jan 2004, 17:36
What the Taff?!? Someone remembered me? :P

Nice to have you back from the clutches of Macroshaft. :D

6th Jan 2004, 21:59
Can't let this thread pass without a howdydoo to you also Bro_A. :) You not only have missed the Taffer's pleasure of finishing TDP but you'd better get on the train for a copy of T2, which is now being sold in a combo pkg..unfortunately it doesn't contain TG but the original...however it is a way to get T2 and for not too much money. Then there are THOSE FM's to get into. Might be the only way we're going to be able to salvage our favorite game, due to the way IOS has seemingly programmed T3 in the same obnoxious way for the Xbox as it has with Deus Ex II :( We're all keeping fingers crossed that with all the comments that have been circulating regarding the disappointment for the PC version, hoping IOS/Eidos will do it better for T3???? Not enhancements for Xbox but also enhancements for the PC gaming community!!!!

Remember Eidos, word of mouth goes a long way...Ta and Good Hunting!

6th Jan 2004, 22:08
Whatup! good to see you back.

Bill Gates and Microshaft:
http://mywebpages.comcast.net/lazx8853/butthead.gif :D

7th Jan 2004, 01:58
Welcome back, Brother Avalon.:) How is it that Microsoft could prevent you from logging into a forum? Seems kind of odd....

Tin Star
7th Jan 2004, 04:18
Welcome back Brother_Avalon long time no see,most of the us old timers are still around and pop in from time to time just to keep up with whats going on with the new thief game that should be released soon I hope.

:cool: Tin Star

7th Jan 2004, 04:31
For those inquisitive minds asking about how I was unable to ever log into the forum and post and such, it had something to do with my computer's cookie handling. Somewhere along the line, something got screwed up bad, I couldn't ever log in, even registering was causing a problem. I think I generated about twelve names before I finally gave up. I have since switched to Mozilla as my primary browser and have also gone into XP-loder and fine-tuned it, turning off stupid crap Microshaft likes to set as defaults. Gosh, the whole thing runs like Seabiscuit (which I just got finished watching, great flick, you owe it to yourself to watch it). So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I've been going through some other awesome games, being a World War II history fan I've been focusing primarily on Medal of Honor games and its expansion packs and also the more recent Activision release of Call of Duty, a game put together by many of the same developers and designers of the Medal of Honor series, they seriously outdid themselves with this game. Incredible visuals and squad-based AI play. Very very very cool. Anyhoo, that's about it! I do have many musical endeavors still making the rounds, I'll keep youse kids who are interested updated. Good to talk to all of you!

7th Jan 2004, 13:08
Welcome back. Goodness knows that we need to liven up this place. Geez, has it been over two years already?! Man, they say that as we get older, time seems to go faster. Now I feel very old. Thanks a lot! :D