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The Skeletor
5th Jan 2004, 22:56
Oh ya! play TS2 on the street level than on TS1 and see the difference, also SITE level and a few more I believe.
Mr. Big is the man!!!

6th Jan 2004, 00:15
Right on! Keep on playing TS1. But dont expect much action in this forum, it's been quite vacent for a while.:( Hey Skeletor! I just found a pic that would be AWSOME for a sig for you. http://www.gifs.net/animate/animskul.gif What do you think?

The Skeletor
6th Jan 2004, 00:19
Looks great!!! is there a way to get the SKELETOR name in it?

6th Jan 2004, 02:28
Unfortunatly, you need a web host for any pics you use in signatures. So if you have a site on the web, you can edit the picture, and post it on your site. Or you could just type in The Skeletor beside it, like I did on mine. If you need help getting your signature set up, just let me know. I just finished helping another person get there signature up and running.:cool:

11th Jan 2004, 18:23
Originally posted by The Skeletor
Mr. Big is the man!!!

You got that right :D