View Full Version : PLZ help! (hall of seasons)

5th Jan 2004, 17:14
Please help me, someone, see the message marked :'Wrath of the beast' help.

5th Jan 2004, 18:03
Please STOP SPAMMING. Let people have time to read your post and don't post another one in 20 minutes with just crap in it!

Veronica Ma
5th Jan 2004, 19:05
TR_FANATIC. This is ridiculous. The people in this forum are in no way obligated to help you at all. And your approach in seeking help is not going to get you very far, i suspect. So could you please stop posting messages that refer to other messages? It is unreasonable of you to expect anyone to read this message and then waste more time looking for your other message in order to finally help you.

Post once or use the search button and look for help yourself and most important of all, have a little patience, ok? :)