View Full Version : Where to find Final card for Power area? HELP!

4th Jan 2004, 16:56
I have been trying to find answers and hope the answer is here. I have been playing the game almost all the way through and have found all the cards except for the power card and no matter what I do I cant find it! Seems that no walkthrough exists for this game and am not paying $15 for the official guide as Ive played most of the game allready. Good game but the glitches are insane. Im about to give up on it and throw it out the window so if anyone can tell me where to find the power card I would greatly appreciate the help! Ive looked everywhere! Ive tried the power boss room that someone suggested and the gear room that was suggested also but have found nothing. Thanks in advance if you can tell me where to find it!

Umah Bloodomen
5th Jan 2004, 00:15
About the only assistance I can offer is by mentioning that GameFAQs has finally posted a walkthrough. (I haven't played this title yet). You can access the walkthrough from this link. (http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/36809.html)

Good luck to you. :)

8th Jan 2004, 04:03

Maybe I can help out.

You need to go to the plasma core and follow the chamber with the gears on it.

You will end up in the super gear room which is where you eventually get the power card.

I hope this helps. :D


8th Jan 2004, 14:46
Thanks for your help CJ