View Full Version : T1 and movies, a question of versions

4th Jan 2004, 06:20
A friend of mine just bought T1. I dont know if it was a package deal, or where she got it, all I know is what she said, and that is that she has The Dark Project. Now, the movies arnt playing for her, so I told her the simplest way to view them, by going directly into the Thief folder and watching them normally. (At least, I find that easy,) but she said that the only movies in that folder are Death and Success. Damn, I think I just figured it out as I typed. Is there an option to not install the movies? Could that be the problem?

4th Jan 2004, 07:31
If she did NOT do a FULL install the movies remain on the CD. To get the movies in the HDD do a full install.

She can reinstall to the same folder and just select FULL. Put the CD in the drive. DO NOT AUTO START. If it does, the QUIT.

Go to Start-Run-Browse, find the CD OPEN the CD files and select SETUP EXE and run the setup program to the same folder. If she did a regular install this will be a default to C drive Thief.

If you, or she, wish to check the version. Start the game as installed. Hit SHIFT-ALT-V while in a mission. The version number will appear on the screen.

Version 1.14 is the original unpatched version. If so you can play it as is (actually a tougher and more interesting game, bugs or not) or she can run the Patch from www.thiefmissions.com or www.keepofmetalandgold.com. to patch it to the Ver. 1.33.

4th Jan 2004, 19:26
Ok, I think Ive sorted it out. Thanks for the help.