View Full Version : Anyone tried the FF7 XP Patch from...

4th Jan 2004, 05:23

Found this on the internet looking for a patch to fix some common crashes with FF7 and XP, although I have not played the game yet, just was looking for some info on it. Let me know, I would rather be safe against crashes than sorry later if I lost my spot in the game. So far, its installed fine and played the beginning all right!


4th Jan 2004, 15:37
Stay away from the 'XP patch'. While I'm not sure if anyone's figured out EXACTLY what it does, it doesn't do anything beneficial to the game (except maybe include the Chocobo patch, and I'm even not sure if it does that.)

All you should need to do to get FF7 running in Windows XP is install the Chocobo Patch (http://www.qhimm.com/ff7_chocobo_patch.zip) to fix the crash at the Chocobo races, and the Duck True Motion Codec (http://support.eidosinteractive.com/GI/CustomerSupport/patches/PC/final_fantasy7/ff7betap1.exe) to get the movies running properly.

Usually, the game'll work alright (provided your hardware supports it) in Windows XP.

If you're still experiencing crashes, you might want to try the instructions on This site (http://www.joikkeli.org/janne/ff7.html). Be warned, however, that those instructions ARE for Windows 2000. You'll want to download the latest version of the Application Compatibility Toolkit and the latest Compatibility update for Windows XP rather than the ones listed there. (as they are probably older than what ships with WinXP in the first place.)