View Full Version : Carvier's office

3rd Jan 2004, 11:30
PLEEZ help me. I am just outside Carvier's office in the corridor at the Louvre. But I don't have the password and I can't get in! Have I missed something? PLease help coz I'm really stuck.

3rd Jan 2004, 11:33
You have to go to the room with the security cameras. The left camera shows Carvier's office. Search there for a note with a code.

3rd Jan 2004, 11:38
THankyou! I'll go try it now.

By the way, when do you meet Kurtis in the game? Is it far from where I am?

3rd Jan 2004, 11:43
After, Galleries Under Siege. :rolleyes:

3rd Jan 2004, 12:15
Ok, I got into Carvier's office and whatever, now do I go to the door and the end of the corridor with my security pass, or do I have to get the gas masks out of that other room.
It says I can't open the case, Is there a way to do it?

3rd Jan 2004, 17:34
No, you'll get the gas-maks later.