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2nd Jan 2004, 21:11
Well i realize a thread was made ages ago at qhimm's forums like this and no one answered him (sad) ..BUT i have ran into the same problem , cept i have tifa on the gondola instead of aeris(not that it should affect it). Anyway it is alot like the observatory crash, something i spent lots of time trying to fix and i couldnt. Anyway does anyone have anything to say about this little bugger? Well if no one can find the solution i (hate doing this) ask if someone would help me through this part (although i want to know what tifa says to cloud.......>.<)
My email is x77654@yahoo.com
My save game is at savegame8.vze.com

[ps On that game, if i try to exit out of golden saucer, blah blah, go to hotel, blah blah, tifa comes into your room..blah...o.O ..ahem ..do the play thing..blah...THEN the gondola where it crashes after tifa says "Aeris would probably be able to just say it but..." and then freezes there (#*&@) .]

Oh thanks in advance

2nd Jan 2004, 22:24
hmm why wont it show ..up , how strange

3rd Jan 2004, 16:29

Your save game is on the way.

5th Jan 2004, 07:53
I'm not sure what movie plays there....

try doublclicking on all the gold#.avi's and see if one won't start up...or give an error message. Could be a bad disk/movie.

It probably plays gold7.avi, at that point.