View Full Version : cutout shoot out (chicago)

2nd Jan 2004, 16:41
My question involves the cut out shoot out level that is in chicago I CAN'T GET A GOLD!!!

I think I can't find one of the guys or if there some kind of bonus for speed??? the best I can get is 1600 but i need 1650?

2nd Jan 2004, 20:32
You might want to try this site (http://www.cheatcc.com/gc/sg/timesplitters_2.txt) out. It's alot of stuff to look through, but I'm pretty shure it's in there. I remember seeing something about the cardboard cutouts. Let us know if you find what you need.:cool:

2nd Jan 2004, 20:56
I think instead of speed, they take points if you get hit by them, and if you hit a civilian (i think there are civilians anyway).
But you'll see that loads of minus numbers are floating off of them as you walk towards them...well, thats the amount of points being taken off of either you or them...but there ya go.
That's my two cents.

5th Jan 2004, 16:06
There are 17 targets, each worth 100 points. Don't hit the grannys and kids targets or points will be deducted. You have to hit the 17 targets quickly or the counter will deduct points. If you manage to score all 1700 points you will be awarded a platinum award. Obviously you've only found 16 targets like me then. The last one you'll probabely have missed is located behind the last car just before the finish.